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Choice Magazine Delivery


@Buzz3 / @draughtrider sorry to hear the mag is late arriving. I know you’re in a regional area @draughtrider, but that really is too long. Please let me know if you’d like me to arrange our customer service to give you a call so that we can arrange a replacement.


Thanks Brendan but mine did arrive on Monday the 16th


My April Choice arrived in Maryborough VIC 3465 on Thursday April the 19th. A bit later than usual. Since I’m usually behind in reading my magazines from various sources, the delay doesn’t bother me. :relaxed:


April mag arrived today.


Just received my May Choice Magazine & May/June Choice Computer today 7th May at postcode 3465 Central Victoria.
Brendan, can I ask you if Choice is getting any benefit from members reporting receival dates of Choice publications, as I’m not clear with any feedback, whether or not it is worthwhile to continue reporting? :thinking:


Hey @Airsie, thanks for the report. In answer to your question, it is useful to us and especially if we’re finding there are significant delays in any given month it’s something we can address. Feel free to drop in whenever it suits, don’t feel any pressure to report if you don’t have the time.


Received May Choice and May/June Choice Computer today 08- 05- 2018 at postcode 3028 , Altona .


I also received May Choice and May/June Choice Computer today 8/5/2018, at Loomberah, 2340, a rural location.


Thanks Brendan.
Will continue to advise receival of Choice when I remember. :grin:


Got mine today the 9th in Victoria


I’m sure mine is on it’s way …


May issue arrived at the PO box today.

I wonder if the delay is due to the increasing popularity of camel meat …


Well. After getting a second May issue delivered about a week after the first, my June issue arrived today. Today!! on the 4th of June - that would have to be the earliest I have ever seen the mag arrive, by at least a margin of a week!

@BrendanMays - are you here for Finke weekend and posted it locally??


I wish! I’m sure there is some CHOICE testing we could fit in too.

Thanks for keeping us informed, I’ll be sure to pass it on.


Received June Choice today 07-06-2018 Altona , Suburban Melbourne


Received my June issue of Choice on Thursday 7th June 2017 at Postcode 3465 Central Victoria

Brendan, with due respects, in view of the very few members of Choice participating in this survey, it would seem to me that the results are such, with the limited data gathered, that no meaningful conclusions could be derived. :roll_eyes:


Fair enough @Airsie, I appreciate the candour. Thanks for the info anyway, and I’ll keep the thread open to capture any ongoing issues/coversations but otherwise we can leave the topic for now.


Yes a bit disappointing by the response would be good to get a few more people to participate to give a better overall result Airsie.This months mag i have not received yet most likely it’s almost here in Victoria 3216