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On World Consumer Rights Day 2020 (Sunday March 15) - CHOICE is celebrating 60 years and opening our doors to you!

A limited number of lucky Australians will get the chance to see CHOICE testing and advocacy in action at our labs and offices in Marrickville, NSW.

Want to be a part?

Simply tell us what you want to learn about CHOICE and you could be one of the lucky Australians invited to come along.

Tours will run between 9am-Midday on Sunday March 15.

Express your interest here :point_right: :point_left: (Closes March 2)


Having ‘met’ Choice and the lab and many staff while attending the Shonkys a few years ago I highly recommend a Choice tour.


:flight_departure: :flight_arrival:

We’d love to attend, but the airfares aren’t covered are they?

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Why not make a weekend of it. Nice hotel, harbour cruise, round of golf, and suggest your companion spend Sunday afternoon in the day spa or doing a bit of casual shopping at the Broadway or Queen Victoria Bldg while you take in the sights of the Choice lab. That way both could go home happy. Excuse the slightly male centric choices of what to do. There are plenty of alternate options to suit all. I just know a trip to Sydney for a weekend on own might need to be a one way journey.


They are all things we’d love to do.

Unfortunately the pension is not linked to parliamentary salaries :heavy_dollar_sign::dollar: , so it doesn’t allow us to extend to such luxuries. :laughing:


I would look at that from the opposite point of view.
Unfortunately parliamentary salaries are not linked to the pension :heavy_dollar_sign::dollar:

I’d suggest that while it is perhaps too much to ask of Choice to do more, it would not be unreasonable to ask Choice to go on a bit of a roadshow around the country. Another option for bringing the community closer together.


Well done Choice! A Facebook Live Lab tour.

Would be good if this was also on youtube for those who disdain FB :wink:


Thanks for the kind words @PhilT Phil.

We regrettably had to postpone the lab tour event. While the public health risk of the event was low (and managed, according to NSW Health guidelines), we felt this was best decision to ensure the health and well being of the community and staff.

Great idea, keep an eye out!