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"CHOICE Error - Something has gone wrong" when trying to reply to article

Attempts to reply to two articles today, both gave this error. The first seems to be working now, but I think that’s due to the way I’m navigating to the article?

Just now (which is the second article), I tried to click the “Be the first to comment on this article” button at this page: and it took me to this page:

Instead, if I instead go to a post about that article, here: Should you buy a multi-cooker or slow cooker? and then click the “Reply” button, it works just fine, and lets me create a post without the error.


@jezzaaaa, thanks for the report.

@BrendanMays, I reported a similar experience with user reviews on directly to Choice, but my error could not be replicated at Choice with the links I sent. While I was building a more rigorous evidence trail with errors being returned, it magically resolved itself so we closed it as an anomaly.

It seems there is some instability with related to the user reviews, perhaps servers that get out of synch? A race condition? Anyway, the admins might be well served to troll through the logs to see if anything shows, and if not go to full logging for a while if not there already.


I too have reported the same problem.


When the ‘ Something has gone wrong ‘
message comes up I press OK and I go back to my post and touch ‘Reply’ again,
and my post goes through without any problem.


Thanks for that. it might be a useful clue when the admins get to it.


Hi @jezzaaaa, I think it should be working now, but please let me know if this isn’t the case.

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