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Choice Community site keeps logging me out when I leave the page

Any idea why this might be suddenly happening? iPad Pro. I’m sure it never used to, have there been under the hood changes?


No changes from our end. If your browser deletes all history each time it closes, or you have cookies turned off, that might be causing the issue. I will also flag with our dev support.


Removal of the cookie can also stop you from auto login. Check you don’t have the settings for Cookies altered to only store them for the session. It is different on each browser.

In Firefox it is in Options > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data (it is a tick box)

In Chrome it is Settings > Advanced > Site settings > Cookies (it is a slide setting)

Also in Firefox if you have set “Content Blocking” in Privacy & Security to Strict rather than Standard this may also have an effect.

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Cookies are allowed, no auto deletion. Even in that short time after my post and returning to see your response, I got logged out. I’ve reverted to my Macbook which is fine. Its just that one device. I can’t think that its anything on the site, now. But I will check my other iPads (never get round to selling them) and see if maybe its an iOS thing.


Perhaps a reset to default of Chrome (I am assuming that is your browser) might help. I also wonder if Chrome is not saving your data if you aren’t logged into your Chrome account (I am not saying you are or aren’t just it might be worth checking).

I don’t use Chrome, I use Safari.

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Ahh ok then I don’t know too much about that one but do you have the ability to sign in to it to save your data?

No, its not that kind of browser. Trust me I have checked all settings and they look right. Its truly weird. Going to check other iOS devices now.

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Maybe try deleting the site cookies manually and allow a new one to be loaded when next visiting.

This website shows how…

It will remove cookies for all websites.

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Can you refresh Safari?

When I clear my iPhone of all history I get logged out of Choice Community.
I also use Safari.
Does not happen on my IPad.

And this is why I wont do that. I’ll see if I can selectively remove cookies for this site.

Clearing history will do it because that includes cookies. My phone seems to be fine and retains the login.

Just wondering why when all history is cleared from the iPad, also Safari, there’s no log out.

Well, I changed absolutely nothing, and I am now staying logged in. Pfft… who knows.

Happens to me too on my I pad. it used to keep me logged in when I flicked in and out of the email, provided I logged in on the first article. Now it logged me out even though article 1 was still open. That has just happened today

Yep, back to logouts again here too. I might change my password to something I can actually remember, its a pain having to go to a password manager every time I want to log in, especially if the last time I logged in was just 5 minutes ago.

Here are some more possible fixes worth trying…

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Have you had an iOS update recently?

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12.3 yesterday. But that wasnt the issue. I’m staying logged in, now.