Chocolate Is Good For Your Health

An Italian university review has stated that eating chocolate regularly is good for your health.

Sounds good to me.



Science in Elle Magazine!
Great to see the ongoing revolution in this lifestyle magazine. Fashion, beauty, health and entertainment are so yesterday!

And the source credited with the research.

Looks like they know their stuff. Peer reviews still to come. From the writers at Elle:

A review conducted by the University of L’Aquila in Italy found that regular consumption of the cacao-based treats can aid in protecting the brain from cognitive decline, and may also help improve focus, processing speed, verbal fluency and working memory, based on their compiled analysis of past studies.

While we may not have needed another excuse to ensure that chocolate remains a staple on our daily food pyramid, this very good news might just be it!

Without intending to sound a little sceptical, I do hope Swisse don’t add this to their range soon. The review ticks all the boxes with its well chosen marketing phrases (high lighted in bold) almost word perfect for the next add. :wink:

Chocolate might become the new wonder food. It could be up there with Kale, bioactive Manuka honey and uncut celery juice. Also at risk of being priced to make a little chocolate very very expensive. Please leave our chocolate to be what it is. A yummy tasty treat, the darker the better. :yum:

Hopefully “Smarties” have the drop on any prospect of a chocolate version of “vita gummies”!


:tada::tada: that makes me feel a lot better about the amount of chocolate I’ve eaten recently.
( But can’t honestly say that my memory has improved though :wink:).


Did someone say “vita gummies” ?


It’s only a matter of time before they are forced to confess and recant. Look what happened to red wine being good for you. The way that the trend is going on the acceptable number of standard drinks a day having a thimble on your birthday or Xmas day will soon be a death sentence.

Manus Island will be repurposed as a re-education camp for dark chocolate eaters.


Here is your chief educator.