Chef ( Electrolux) freestanding oven 54cm - scratched glass door

Damage to glass when first turned on …


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What damage would that be? Would it be related to the problems in this topic?


The glass has a scratch & Electrolux won’t accept it as under warranty


Without making any judgement on the scratch or how it eventuated I suggest you read your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. You can find many links to Choice and ACCC advice, including the all-important Letter of Complaint using the Community search.

If you disagree with Electrolux determination you will need to have sufficient ‘evidence’ it was a manufacturing fault or was delivered with the scratch or developed a fault when first heated. Another aspect is the issue of acceptable quality.

Note also the retailer who sold you the oven is primarily responsible for the product and warranty and resolving your rights under the ACL, so you might next have a chat with them.

If still unsatisfied go formal with a Letter of Complaint to the retailer, cc Chef/Electrolux, using the advice for that in the numerous other topics. FWIW an inner pane (there are 3) in my SMEG oven came with a minor scratch that was not noticed for years; I know it came that way because it was only noticed on the first ‘take it apart’ clean. It is not visible through the door window from the inside or out so is inconsequential; I mention it only to indicate receiving a scratched oven glass does happen, and if visible I too would want it taken care of.

If Electrolux take the position you caused the scratch it becomes a he said she said issue but you will note a few clauses of the rights in the ACL you can fall back on.

Please keep the topic updated as to how you go.


Could you please explain how the glass became scratched when the oven was first turned on?


I recently bought a new chef (Electrolux) stove as I didn’t use it immediately I didn’t notice a deep scratch on the glass. Buyer beware there is only 7 days to contact the company !!

I merged your new topic into your original topic. Making additional topics for the same issue can result in confusion and parallel replies that benefits nobody as those looking at one topic may miss the second, and vice versa.

I recommend you read about your rights per my previous post. Just because Electrolux says you only have 7 days does not necessarily (but could) mean you only have 7 days.

Was your scratch only noticed when it was unpacked or was it unpacked but not inspected or used for some time? The former may give you rights while the latter would likely not since a buyer is reasonably expected to check products when they are received/installed.

For example if you have a sparky invoice showing the date of unboxing/installation a month after your product invoice shows delivery that could be germane. OTOH if it was delivered and installed but you did not check it for another month that is equally germane in that you might be deemed to not have done basic due diligence.


Not the oven the glass top

Apologies this is out of sequence but I just noticed it posted as an out of context remark in another topic so appended it here where it makes sense. Could you be more clear about what the ‘glass top’ is because a google of Chef 54cm freestanding cookers all seem to have burners on the top, not glass. Is it perhaps a splashback panel or even a ceramic or induction model?

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It is a 54cm glass top 4 burner stainless …with fan forced oven …

Noticed on SBS ‘The Cookup’ Adam has a gas cooktop with a glass panel under the burners in place of pressed stainless or enamel. Assume it makes cleaning easier and produces a more stylish finish. Quite a step up for a 54cm free standing. Ours has a pressed metal and white enamel top with the usual light weight welded metal trivets.


For anyone to understand the underlying problem, provide advice or offer an opinion

Is it a glass panel under the burners in place of pressed stainless or enamel as @mark_m suggested? Can you post a picture of the scratch?

If you continue trying to negotiate with Electrolux try to put all the details into a single message using an Australian Consumer Law Letter of Complaint tool. Putting single bits of information on the table at a time is rarely conducive to an outcome since it is impossible to understand more than ‘it is scratched’. If you need assistance doing that perhaps you have a rellie or friend who can see your problem first hand and assist penning one?

Pending a full and complete description that is all I can offer.