Check the fine print on warranty for fronius inverters and Thumbs up to Banana Solar

Good Morning
We had a solar power system (6.5kW) installed about 2 years ago by Banana Solar in NSW.
They have been very professional from the start and we chose LG panels and a Fronius Primo invereter.
This inverter can be monitored remotely as it contains a card which connects to both the internet and our home network.
We had a sudden storm just before Christmas and our internet router, the home modem and the tv were all fried due to a lightning strike three doors up.
Optus and nbn both replaced these asap.
After a few days I realised that the fronius was not attaching to the home network and I was receiving error messages from the remote site telling me that it was not relaying reports back.
I got in touch with Banana Solar two weeks ago (Feb 2022) to discuss the problem and as always they were very prompt with their help. However, they received an email from Fronius that the data manager card (the damaged part) was not covered for replacement under warranty due to the damage caused by lightning.
I was very pleased to hear from Mark at Banana solar that they have asked Fronius to waive this charge and I received the replacement part this morning, a few days after this.
Thank you Banana Solar

Larry North


Hi @Scouse, welcome to the community.

That is usually the case for all products Lightning is a weather event and is no different to wind or floods, excluded from product warranties. Damage caused by such events usually fall under home and contents insurance.

It is however refreshing that Banana Solar and Fronius decided to replace the card as a goodwill gesture, even though it wasn’t covered by warranty.