Cheap, Cheaper And Coles

A few years ago, Coles had a policy of marking down their fresh meat by 50% once it was 3 days prior to the “best before” or “use by” date.

It was then changed to marking the meat down by 50% once it was 2 days prior to the date.

More recently it was updated to marking the meat down by 20% when it was a day prior, and 50% on the date.

A few months ago, it was revised to a 15% discount on beef on the day prior and a 40% discount on the due date.

Our local Coles have now stooped to a new low of a 30% discount on the due date and a 10% discount on the day before.

What next. A 1% discount if you buy it as they are closing the store?

Talk about Cheap, Cheaper and Coles,


Did you get those most recent discount % figures around the wrong way; shouldn’t it be 10% on the day before and 30% on the due date?

They are probably testing the market. I would think that as long as everything sells, they will continue to reduce the discount.


Yes. I did but I fixed it now. Thanks