Charging money for job seekers to apply for jobs

I am applying for jobs found the website I put my information availability in to find a Nanny position. I was sent an alert the next day about a job “match”. When I clicked to apply, I was taken to a screen to purchase credits in order to reach the potential employer. Is this legal? I always thought recruitment sites could not charge job seekers. I have never had to buy credits to apply for jobs at other sites.

You are correct that Legit recruitment is almost universally paid by the employer. The business model, as with legal services, always wins no matter how often you lose.

There are a number of other nanny match services that are up front with the fees for the employer and free for the job seeker. This site is not upfront that I could tell until I looked at their terms and conditions and even then it is somewhat vague.

1.2 tells you what they are and are not. You have no guarantee as to the quality of the “match” until you pay so the “we have a lead for you, pay to learn anything about it” is a red flag in my opinion, as is the default automatic renewal clause at 8.2.


Thank you TheBGG. I have closed my account with them and they have approved they deleted all my information.


You are welcome :slight_smile:

I trust you have found some “up front nanny matching sites”.