Charged twice for the same goods

I was charged twice for the same pedestal fan at a Biw W shop yesterday- once at the lay-by area and again at the checkout booth.

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Since you posted a statement rather than a question it is not obvious if you are seeking advice or making a comment. One has to ask though, since you paid at lay by, why did you again pay at the checkout, and apparently then leave the store without getting it corrected? Or did it get corrected in-store at the time?

If it was not corrected in-store at the time, and you are seeking advice your first call should be the customer service desk at the Big W in person or by phone, and they should be able to confirm your report and cancel or refund the duplicate charge.

The second path is to dispute the charge with your card issuer. They will provide a credit for the double charge until their investigation is complete. If they confirm the double charge the credit becomes permanent; if Big W disputes it with evidence the charge will be reinstated.

I hope it works out in the simplest possible manner for you. However be aware that unscrupulous shoppers have been known to buy two of the same product during the same shop, and claim it was one product charged twice, so be prepared for some questions.


I was buying few products. I first paid the fan at the lay-by section which they procured for me from another of their chain store. On thé way out. I purchased a few other small items so I had to go through the payment counter and the lady scanned all the items including the fan I already paid. I was in a rush so did not psy attention to the fact that she had scanned the fan again which was right on top of the trolley. I them quickly paid with my smart phone and left the area. Only at the night when checking my accounts for other reasons, I discovered the error.
This morning I have called the store and they agreed to check the sale of the goods and correct the errors, which is fine.
But my question is because of their error I have to drive some 30km from home to get things right! Should they not be paying some price for such an error?
I was thinking should they give the item to me for free? Is there any such law which would compel them to pay some compensation to me? Thanks

From my perspective they did not make an error if the product was on the trolley and the customer did not call attention to the fact it was already paid for. If you did not get the ‘20 question’ experience they were being accommodating.

On what basis since there was no error?

It appears you contributed to the problem by being preoccupied and not checking, so no, from my perspective.


Bunnings provide for payment of some goods at the tool store counter. If you picked up items from other areas it was customary to show the staff at the main check out the receipt for the goods already collected and paid for. IE before they too were scanned. The staff would check the items manually, no scan required. It was up to the customer to provide the receipt at that time.

How would the Woolies staff know any different?


From what you have said, it wasn’t Big W error but your own. The person at the checkout would not have known that you had already paid for it at layby
unfortunately (or is that fortunately), they aren’t mind readers.

If you had shown a receipt for the fan at the checkout and then she scanned it knowing it has been paid for, then it would have been the stores error. However, it would have likely in such case you would have known that it was scanned immediately after showing the receipt
questioning why it was scanned again.

No, as it is your error, they can’t be responsible for any time or effort on your part to rectify your mistake. I wish that a store gave me something for free every time I made a mistake. :thinking:

This is good that Big W is willing to reimburse the double payment for the item. For an item as a fan, they should be able to reconcile the two transactions against store inventory and see that they have one in store more than they should have.