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Changes to our health insurance finder tool


The upcoming changes to health insurance has affect how our health insurance database works, and that means there’s a chance our tool might not recommend the best cover you can get right now. For now, we’ve taken down our health insurance tool so we can analyse the data and make sure we’re giving you great advice.

In the meantime, this article can help answer your questions about health insurance or you can leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to assist:

Choice Health Insurance Review?
Choice Health Insurance Review?

Thank you for being proactive on the matter, so much better than many businesses out there who only approach the problem after it causes a lot of consumers pain.


An article regarding health insurance including some advice from Choice which will feature on the ABC 7:30 program tonight.


Another article regarding health insurance advice from Choice.


Did Choice axe the Health Insurance reviews? I can’t find them on the website.


On the CHOICE website -, I get 412 results when searching for “Health Insurance” including explanations of the new systems introduced this year, buying guides/etc and specific insurance company reviews - what were you after specifically?


There was a comparison of health insurances (hospital and extras) similar to this: I could list the recommended covers.


There was and was take down on the 7 March 2019.

And this was a post specifically about this.

There hasn’t been any recent news and wonder if @BrendanMays has any other than what on these links?


Just to add to the info provided, we’re still working on ensuring we can offer high quality recommendations on health insurance and we will have more info in the near future.