Celebrating a big year

Hi All

CHOICE has had a big year and we are excited about what next year will bring!
A huge part of that has been the choice community. It’s been great to have conversations with you all and to see the passion that you all have for consumer affairs. Long may it continue!
Make sure you take some time these holidays to sit back and celebrate all you have achieved and the communities you have been a part.
Thank you for getting involved in the consumer movement, together we are strong.

Best wishes

Ben McMullin


Congratulations and thanks. Choice! May 2017 be bigger and better!

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Yes, it’s been a big year but it’s disappointing that long term subscribers to Choice Magazine aren’t given access to on-line material. It the past at least the reviews were online for immediate download, now the process is time consuming and (I suspect deliberately) obtuse.

The Australian Consumers Association was formed to look after customers of products - how about looking after the long term customers of your product?

Ben, well done for a great year. Obviously there are users who want more from your team, but hey, you have done more than crowds of hipped and frustrated customers could do on their own. Numbers are our only hope in the digital age. I have no particular recommendations for better action, but I will be on the search. Keep up the brilliant work with your team and may you go from strength to strength. We live int He best nation on earth but that doesn’t mean we do not gave to be on our guard. Love you all heaps. And since it is Christmas, we should know the Ground of our being loves us all, including the plants and animals and all of the hug Cosmos. Cheers with much joy, Mike O 'D.