Catio, cat door and cat-proof window mosquito netting

Looking for cat door in glass paneled balcony door.
Catio to stop cats jumping off balcony.
cat-proof window mosquito needing so they can lean on them (high accident rate falling out of windows).

I’m in Sydney, Australia.
Many thanks.

Be aware that glass in doors must be toughened or safety glass. It is not generally feasible to cut a hole to put a cat door in them. You need to design a whole new glass panel with the hole already in there at manufacture. Not cheap.

Some sort of outdoor enclosed space like a catio great idea. Especially with lots of climbing and height to observe the outdoors. And shelter in case the weather turns.

I would not rely on any sort of netting on a balcony to keep cats in. They have pretty sharp claws, and are escape artists. You need to make sure it is tough, and very securely attached at all places. The same would apply to insect screens on windows.