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Cat Food - 85 gr can replaced by 75 gr plastic tub


Woolworths seem to have replaced the little 85 g metal can: " DINE with pure TUNA white meat"
with a plastic container, which can be split in the middle and has a total of 75 g “with delicate Whitefish and TUNA” and contains a sort of paste, which our cats do not like. The 85 g at least looked like a fish product. The price has also gone up. I also noticed the APPLAWSE, Layers, Tuna topped with prawns, seems to have been discontinued. The new product seems to be in a smaller container and the contents is not as good. Our cats reject it as well. The big 440 g Whiskas cans also seem to be disappearing. I have tried Woolworth Customer Service, but they do not offer an explanation. Does anybody know, what is going on? William


These are two different products on the Dine website. …see above links.

It is worth noting that DINE with pure TUNA white meat is intended for occasional or supplemental feeding only. Interesting as it appears to ge an occasional food for cats.

Usually products on a supermarket shelf is deiven by demand and also ‘sponsorship’ by the manufaxturer/marketer. The decision to remove DINE with pure TUNA white meat could be either parties.

The product appears to be still available at Woolworths online…

If it is a necessity, maybe purchase in bulk online and have them delivered.


Regarding the Dine Desire it could well be the fact it’s not a complete meal, as stated by phb.

Coles recently got into trouble for ‘Complete Cuisine’ cat food that was supplemental only, and Woolworths may be worried it would only take one or two customers misunderstanding to land them in hot water.

You’ll probably find them easier in pet specialist stores where that’s less of an issue. A GOOD specialist should understand the difference and inform a customer if that appears to be an issue.


Another aspect is that shops of all types ‘optimise’ and ‘re-optimise’ stock for particular store markets. If something disappears from your local shop sometimes it can be available at one not too far away, and in my experience their systems are not always forthcoming with such information.


Thank you so much for all the replies. I found them very useful. I want to point out, that I only feed the can every couple of days, however, the cats love it, while the plastic tubs, which are now sitting on the shelf in the Supermarket look unappetizing after a couple of hours and our cats don’t like them. I actually try to feed a balanced diet.


Check out a specialist store if you don’t want to order online. As long as it’s still listed on Woolworths website you can probably still price match too.