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Car Vacuum cleaners


Can anyone recommend a good car vacuum cleaner. Not a stick or electric, but hand-held rechargeable one. I’ve been looking at the Black and Decker Dustbuster 21.6Wh Lithium which is currently selling at Bunnings for $99. Unlike the other ones that they stock it’s got a narrow nozzle which seems to be a good idea for getting into tight areas. Does anyone have one? Any comments or help would be appreciated.

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I’m a bit disappointed that no-one has replied to my post about buying a car vacuum cleaner. If anyone has one that they recommend please let me know.

I think perhaps it is because there is not a lot of usage by many on this site who use dedicated car vacuums to clean their cars, I’m sure if there had been there would have been replies.

We use two things, one being a wired wet & dry vacuum with an upholstery attachment and a fabric shampooer that is also wired. I would think that a lithium powered handheld type of household dust buster could do the job and have the usage time necessary before a recharge. I have never been really enthused by the small units except as for quick pickups of spills.

The Dyson V11 or similar types with the attachments such as the crevice nozzle would probably do an excellent job and have the needed deep suction power you would want to get the ingrained dirt out of the carpet pile.


I have an Electrolux Rapido 18V used for the odd pickup as well as my car and very happy with it.

The trade-off in nozzle size is getting into crevices versus doing the carpet. The Rapido has a snout larger than the B&D but it can get into most of the crevices and does a generally good job sucking loose dirt and debris from the carpet and mats.

When I really need to do the car there is nothing like a corded vac with attachments.


Perhaps others didn’t reply because like me they haven’t found a good car vacuum. I have tried qute a few over tme and been disappointed in them all as they don’t have the suction to clean below the surface… I wouldn’t waste my money or time with one now. Also, my experience is that the batteries don’t seem to last and are either very expensive or impossible to replace.

I never felt the car was clean after using the car vacuums, and I proved this once by re-vacuuming using the home vacuum. Since then when cleaning the inside of the car, I take our home vacuum cleaner out and sit it outside the car. The hose reaches in and I use the various attachments to access all the various nooks and crannies.

As you have specified you don’t want an electric one, I can only assume that you don’t have a power point near where you would clean the car, or you would need to carry your home vacuum a long way to the vehicle.

In my opinion if you can, save your $99.


I don’t have a car vacuum cleaner but
use my Hoover Freejet 3 in 1, which I use on my hard floor.
I take the handheld cleaning unit downstairs to vacuum the car; it’s got an extension tube and a crevice tool and also a dusting brush.
It’s not great but does the job, for me🙂


Thank you very, very much to everyone who responded. It’s much appreciated and has given me a lot to think about.
I use a Henry vac at home, and although it does a really good job in the house, it’s too cumbersome to take outside.
Thanks again!


I recently bought a Dyson, thinking it would be good to use on the car as well as the house, much to my chagrin I found it to be the opposite. Too big, too rigid, doesn’t get into tight spaces. I have used a 240 V Hoover on the car in the past, this works well but it’s a bit of a nuisance to get all the cords and hose etc into the garage, but it will have to do, it does do a good job when I get it all set up.
Dyson is good in the house

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