Car Seat Covers

If anyone has experience of economical, natural (ie preferably not synthetic or natural fabric on outer side … can be synthetic on inside), car seat covers for a latest model Corolla sedan I would appreciate advice. I have seen canvas covers online but none to suit corolla.

I prefer sheep skin seat covers. While not as cheap as synthetic ones, good quality ohes should last as long as the car. The couple of hundred they cost is nothing compared to the price of a new car. There are many retailers of sheepskin seat covers for Corollas if you internet search.


It may help to search your local area or city for custom made seat covers. There are businesses that supply to suit personal needs including fabric choices.

One product that I’m familiar with but perhaps not economical depending on budget. Very durable in either fabric.

Alternately I’ve had sheep skin covers back when cars were vinyl seats and did not have air cons. They need regular TLC, and were durable.