Car Batteries


Good suggestion, I’ll pass it on! :battery:


Panasonic car batteries are now available in Australia! Every new Toyota we owned came with a Panasonic battery which lasted on average 6 to 8 years! Anyway hope that is useful and you can now get them from a business called Every Battery!

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Hi @gulfstream8. Hello from the community.

I could say I’ve seen similar from several other new motor vehicles and their OEM branded batteries. I’m not sure any were Panasonic product. I’ve got a Rocket brand (Singapore?) in the Korean made diesel tractor that is happily in it’s 5th year, while the date stamp suggests it is closer to 6 years.

I do remember the battery in our 2004 Toyota lasted a long time, and it was 6+ years. Similar for one of the 3 Subaru’s, but not so good with the two.

From experience with high mileage work vehicles it may be more reasonable to count battery cycles rather than just calendar time as a measure of quality. IE YMMV depending on how you use a vehicle.


Indeed - around here (my perception, without a double-blind scientific test), 2 years from any battery is fairly good, 3 is outstanding, 4 is (typically) someone being economical with the truth - thousands of kilometres of corrugations and bulldust with under-bonnet temperatures ‘approaching that of the surface of the sun’ throws up a different use profile to the average Toorak tractor - then there’s everything in between in some convoluted three dimensional use matrix that makes attempting some kind of realistic comparison almost laughable if not absurd …


I had a Panasonic battery in my 1994 Mazda MX5. I bought the car secondhand with the original battery in it in 2005, so already 11 yrs old (it had a date stamp on it). I then sold the car in 2011 still with the original battery working OK in it, so about 17 yrs. Now I typically get about 3yrs in my cars as mentioned above in other posts.