Capturing Sunlight And Storing The Energy

A breakthrough in capturing sunlight and storing the energy for up to 18 years.

Amazing stuff.


Or we could just use anything that’s heavy:

Radically different market segments, I know. One stores low-level heat, the other stores electricity.


125 cycles of testing isn’t very much- just a few months of daily use. My Lithium batteries are still performing well after over 2000 cycles.

Low grade heat storage is rather limited in its usefulness- for domestic heating the cycle time is likely to be only in the hours to days range, not years to decades- charge it up in the day, release the heat at night.

Right now water can do that job very effectively! No need to build a network of pipes around the country to transport a substance (of currently undisclosed toxicity), when people have a plentiful, non toxic alternative already.

It does sound a bit like a solution in search of a problem to me.