Can you get a refund on an event cancelled due to COVID-19?

I bought 4 AFL tickets for the Hawthorn v Collingwood game in Launceston Tasmania. The game was cancelled when the Tasmanian Govt ruled the game could not proceed because of covid-19 concerns.
I bought the tickets from a ticket reseller - The Ticket Merchant
I have phoned The Ticket Merchant to hear a message telling me to use their email address. Two emails have been sent with no response.
Their website states that a full refund will be given if an event is cancelled.

Has anyone got any suggestions s to how I can get my money back ($363.80)

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You need to get formal in your approach. You need to write a letter/email demanding the refund. There are form letters that guide you to do this, both CHOICE and the ACCC make them freely available. Search this site for many references where to locate these letters of complaint, but here is a link to a CHOICE article on this including links to form letters


How did you pay for them?

If you paid by credit card, it may be worth exploring a charge back with the card issuer. However, it is unlikely that a chargeback will be instigated by the credit card issuer until you hear back from Ticket Merchant. This is so you don’t end up getting two refunds (one from Ticket Merchant and one from your credit card issuer).

When writing a letter of complaint to Ticket Merchant as outlined by @grahroll, indicate that you plan to instigate a credit card chargeback if they don’t refund and/or don’t reply. This might spur them into action.

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I am embarrassed by the fact that The Ticket Merchant has answered my emails but the reply went to my junk email. In fact The Ticket Merchant sent me an email on the day the game was cancelled offering a refund. Again this email went to my junk email and I have only seen the emails few minutes ago.


Don’t worry, one of the limitations of junk filters that they often catch legitimate emails. Happens to the best of us.

Great to see that they were proactive rather than letting consumers chase them up. Hope you get the refund in a timely manner.

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In December 2019 I purchased tickets through Ticketek to a concert originally scheduled for August 2020. In May 2020 the concert was postponed due to COVID-19, then in July 2021 it was cancelled outright. Ticketek’s email stated that they would refund tickets in full which may take up to 20 working days.

It’s now nearly 40 working days with no refund. Calling Ticketek gets you a recorded message and then disconnects (no option to join a queue to speak to someone). Filling in a “complaint” form on their website gets a form response with no follow-up for weeks.

Does anyone have any tips on getting a response from Ticketek, or even how to contact them to get the situation escalated?

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You are one of many so I merged your topic into this comprehensive one. There are a few posts about Ticketek that you can find using the Community search tool and ticking ‘search this topic’.

I hope some might be helpful. It may be the case they are overwhelmed by the cancellations and having to be the middlemen between the promoter and the customers and patience is the only suggestion, while keeping every communication from them should you need it in future.


Ah Ticketek. Most people probably thought this problem was winding down but apparently not so.