Can’t read the instructions!

I bought some cheap Coles instant rice (you know, the kind that comes in little pots, serving one). I normally get branded but decided to give the Coles brand a go. when I went to read the instructions… I could not… I put on some magnifying spectacles, and it didnt help. I had to take a photograph which I could then zoom into, to get the detail. I was fairly sure it would be the same as the branded stuff but still… yellow print on orange background does not work well at all.

Bear in mind that the photo is nearly 2x actual. [edit] actually showing on my ipad as about the size I was trying to read.


Very hard to read as not enough contrast between colours. The other problem is trying to write a big label in a small space.

On a side note, instant rice with vegetable emulsifers and oil. Two things we never add to home cooked steamed/boiled rice. The oil is a concern as fats are pushed up from about 0.3% (natural rice) to 2% (instant rice). Possibly unnecessary hollow/empty calories (up from ~130 calories to 194 calories).


I never used instant when i was sharing the house but now i am solo with minimal space for storing food etc…


I also struggle with white text on orange and had an exchange with a company about that a few months ago. Surprising to me it is considered as an ‘accessible’ scheme! But it also depends on font size. That tiny white font on orange is a serious ‘accessibility’ fail in my opinion. It seems marketing colours define colour schemes and font sizes more than conveying instructions or information on many, many products.

I often need my phone camera or a magnifier too, and not just for white on orange :frowning:


To me it seems they want to hide the ingredients and print in those colours to satisfy government regulations. If they were proud of what was in it the colours would be black on yellow then the same size font could be read more easily.

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My husband and I have a lot of problems with this too. White on Orange in very small font size. We eat a lot of Asian food and that seems to be the chosen colours for their packaging.

I find the same with many frozen food instructions. White on yellow in very small font.

My eyesight is average and I have trouble! Someone below wrote below it could be to hide the ingredients they don’t want you to read.