Can Choice please put dates on its articles?

For certain topics - for example IT-related information - the information becomes dated very quickly and it can be a waste of time reading out-of-date articles. :slightly_smiling_face:


Your articles are fantastic - could you please consider adding a date the article was written, so we understand it’s currency context? this is the article I was reading…

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Hi @Karin, welcome to the community.

I have moved your post to an existing thread which has asked the same question of Choice.

In general, most Choice online articles have dates like this one…

but is appears that from time to time Choice hasn’t dated an article for some reason. It could be an an accidental omission when checking the article on posting or maybe the article doesn’t have a time where it is likely to expire (information likely to always be current).

Hopefully @AndyKollmorgen from Choice will be able to respond to why this particular article was undated.


Welcome @Hypnic_Jerk

I’m sure Choice do their best, but sometimes dates aren’t included as others have pointed out. For example: