Camping Chairs

In SA, the RAA is offering good deals on OZtrail Directors camping chairs:

  1. With side table $60 RRP $99.99
  2. Updated model with anti-tip feet, some cushioning, and folds into a carry bag $77.95 RRP $129.95
    It also has the OZtrail Coolum 5 position recliner for $83.95 RRP $139.95.
    Can anyone comment on these chairs? They would be great Xmas presents if they are recommended!

Here’s a review starting point while you wait for member lived reviews. Sounds ok on paper…


We bought cheap shop camping chairs with fold-out foot-rests, and folded into a tube-shape carry bag, which lasted for more than 15years. Even then, it was the foot-rest section broke because people tried to sit on them.

It is not the price, nor the brand that is important.

What I look for (in no particular order) when buying camping chairs:

  1. What is the load-bearing weight limit of the chair? Is it strong enough for us, and perhaps two of us if someone sits in your lap.
  2. Is it aluminium or steel? I prefer aluminium as it will not corrode or rust in humid climes or if it gets and stays wet.
  3. Is the body structure sturdy and safe? I sit in the chair and wiggle to make sure it is not in danger of tipping or buckling. Are the joints well fastened?
  4. Is the material thick ripstop material or flimsy? Is the stitching and thread good quality?
  5. Is it easy to open and close without pinch points?
  6. Are the rubber feet thick or thin/flimsy? Do the feet have a large foorprint or are they small?
  7. Does it have a side table? If so, is there a drink slot to hold drinks
  8. Does it fold down (more than folding in half through the middle) for transport?
  9. How much does it weigh? Can it be carried easily?
  10. How long is the guarantee/warranty on it? Is the guarantee/warranty unconditional, or conditional and what is covered, and what is not?