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Call Centre - Healthcare

Would like to know if anyone has had any issues with this company or a representative. Very persistent!

Hello @good1952, welcome, and thank you for posting to the community for the first time.

There are lots of different scams going around all the time. They are quick to pick up on topical concerns.

To help the community understand what you are asking about, are you able to provide some more information.

How are you being contacted? Phone or SMS or email or …
What is the Call Centre saying or asking?
Is there another description or longer name for the business? ‘Healthcare’ is a very generic name.

We get infrequent phone calls from random Australian numbers. The call starts to deliver a pre-recorded message in Mandarin. All there is to do is to hang up.


I’ll second the question, Healthcare what or who? There are more than 200 ABN matches with companies having ‘Healthcare’ in their name, more than one that begins with ‘Healthcare’.

Sorry about that the first call was from a guy who stated he was from Healthcare. I have since done another check - www.myhealthcare Ltd Co. First call suggested he was operating from Sydney, next call from London. First item received posted in Victoria! Recent phone call was a call centre not sure from where.

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Presumably it is this bunch of charlatans who are UK based with phone numbers in Australia and NZ.

Snakeoil looks like their speciality.

Have you done business with them in the past?

Are you on the do not call register?

It appears they have an Australian agent/office and if this is the case, are bound by the register requirements.

If you are not on the register, it is worth placing your number on it…

It can a little time to become active and for calls to reduce.


Thank you Fred - I guess sometimes we pay for our trust and learn lessons the hard way. Frustrating.

Have been lucky my bank is looking into it so I might have good news.

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