C batteries - too much spark?

Eveready size C alkaline battery packs indicate 1.5 V but my multimeter reads 1.60V for each battery. The device (Sureflap cat door) will not operate with those Eveready batteries whereas it does function normally with Duracell “Durblock” C batteries.
The Eveready size C alkaline batteries should be withdrawn from the market until replaced with product that functions normally.


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The specified voltage is a nominal one under load, rather than an open circuit voltage you would have measured with the multi-meter. It is normal for new batteries to be slightly above the nominal voltage when new, and it gradually falls over the lifetime of the battery. How many cells does your cat door require?
It seems a bit odd that it would not operate with a voltage a few tenths of a volt above the spec. I’ve used plenty of Eveready Alkaline C cells over the years, and never had any problem with them in various devices such as torches, auto-feeders for fish, and a number of electronic devices.


What voltage does your meter show for those batteries?

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The cat door requires 4 size C batteries - in 2 banks of 2 in series

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OK, so only 0.2V over the specified 3.0V, with no load. I honestly can’t see why that would be a problem, since the voltage would be very close to 3.0V under load.