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BYO VOIP Modems & Wi-Fi Routers ~ Which RSPs Allow them, and Which Don't



Good lessons learned. It is easy to get comfortable when you have been with a company for so long and all of us start out naive.


Are you able to provide a link for that info? I can’t find this in TPG’s FAQ or search.


Google found it from the text.

it is about half way down.


Thanks Phil. It’s funny how TPG’s own search couldn’t find it as easily as Google did. I was navigating from TPG’s own pages (the same pages people are expected use when looking into an RSP’s plan) and the FAQ’s listed for NBN phone bundle plans underneath mention nothing about 3rd party modems. I’d consider the Support / Installation FAQ’s section a place to look only after experiencing difficulty in setting up. It is certainly not obvious.


I am with Spintel which has been great until NBN. Netcomm modem/router is controlled by them. Firmware upgrades don’t work. :frowning:Looking for an alternate when contract is up…