Buzz B-Gone Shonky

Whilst trawling for scams today, I came across an ad for this “ingenious” device.

Clicking on it lead to this amazing product.

Mosquitoes Were Eating Me Alive Until A Friend Showed Me This New Anti-Mosquito Light. Not A Single Bite Since I Turned It On! (

Whilst I could not find anything about it on any of legitimate review sites, I did find this shonky “advertorial” which has many real reviews at the bottom of the page.

Some 24 posts and every one is scathing.



Has anyone used the much advertised Buzz-B-Gone? Is it as effective as its cracked up to be? I do not want to waste $59 if it doesn’t work!

Keep your money in your wallet and get a DEET or Picaridin based repellent.


From what I have read, the female mosquito which are the ones out to get your blood, are not all that attracted to UV light.
So dubious that any zapper device would work. Maybe get a few, but more likely lots of other insects that are attracted to light.
I wouldn’t expect much for your money.

I know what does work. Good repellent like Rid. Used that all the time when in QLD from when I was a kid.