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"Buy-now, pay-later" schemes


Isn’t that the same mob that supposedly kept the banks honest, so that is a Very Reassuring statement. :roll_eyes:



This is probably the most concerning case of these services I’ve seen. Anyone who needs a loan to afford food definitely should not be given one


Thanks for highlighting this, I’ll be sure to pass it on to our finance writers.


Interesting article from my Super provider on why Afterpay does not comply with their ethical charter.


Wow, very interesting. Thanks for sharing @tpeter267 :+1:


Hi Community members. CHOICE is on the lookout for anyone who’s incurred a late payment fee with a buy now/pay later service. Any posts along those lines are most welcome.


Check out @AndyKollmorgen’s latest investigative piece into buy now, pay later services. :money_with_wings: