Bunnings bottled gas + water

We use 8.5kg (they used to put 9kg in them until a few years ago!) bottled LPG from Bunnings for heating on frosty nights, the BBQ and occasional cooking if there hasn’t been enough sunshine to run the induction cooktop (we are off-grid), plus I used to use some to run a gas generator in cloudy weather. Quite often the gas heater goes off for no apparent reason, or the generator stopped well before I thought it should run out of gas - the bottle still has a kg or 2 of liquid sloshing around in it, and once this happens it wont run the gas ring for cooking more than very briefly beore it goes out. Opening the valve on the bottle with no regulator attached reveals there is no pressure in the bottle even when the bottle is reasonably warm from sitting in the sun, but there is clearly a fair amount of liquid still in it. I suspect it is water, but without dismantling the bottle, I can’t say for certain.
We’ve been paying for gas, but getting 10-20% of the weight as water(?) in some bottles! What a rip-off!

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Turn it upside down with the valve open and see what comes out, if it is water go to the local government LPG agency as it would be a pretty serious issue.