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Bunnings 'beat it by 10%' guarantee


Maybe they have their own model numbers, but model number engineering is akin to the mattress rort everyone involved in the mattress industry conspires with. I’d be interested to contact the manufacturer and ask them to identify the material differences between the two products - excluding the label which bears the model number markings. The glee shown by the staffer identifies clearly their intention to avoid having to compare …


No doubt even if you get a win re the model numbers Bunnings only need to agree with the supplier to a variation in specification, eg duty cycle, power rating, colour difference. In the end it becomes a very difficult technical debate over winding wire gauge, insulation class etc etc. Even quoting a different OS standard for some minor detail or omitting one, other than the Australian statutory needs is all it will take to muddy the water further.

Does the ACCC have the resources, technical support and will to even bother over what it might consider a very minor item by value? Except when you multiply it by the millions of sales each month and it all adds up to a very significant number.

When tempted by Bunnings I have a few Ryobi and Ozito power tools to their credit. That will never be a price match issue, due to the exclusive branding. For all else (most tools) I buy from one of the big name tool specialists major trade brands and models. At least these are the same with each retailer and you can comparison shop by model. The only risk is some models on special are run outs of the previous version. Generally this does not matter as the quality and performance is the same.

For the upper end trade tools it appears Bunnings is not that competitive, unless you get a trade discount?


They probably don’t even need to agree to a variation, just agree to a statement of variation - even if it’s something even more b/s like more rigorous testing - we test 2 out of every 100 but for them only 1 … For me, these little ‘investigations’ I treat as an amusement and to satisfy my own curiosity - where it goes depends entirely on what I find. A number of times it goes nowhere. I have a clanger ready to unleash on a local utility soon, where I reckon I have some fairly damning evidence of wrongdoing, but it needs polish, and time …

Excellent question - I suspect you have a point. Not sure they’ve ever cared about the mattress industry scam for example, and that’s been going for decades, so may well be the same for power tools … just too hard?


I assume you voted with your feet and took your custom to Mitre 10.

Alternatively, if you really wanted to buy it from Bunnings, perhaps you could have done so and then returned it for a refund as you had found the item cheaper elsewhere.

That might have inspired a different response.


Their attitude was the only reason I needed to shop elsewhere


A slightly different item regarding Bunnings which shows a different perspective.

Our local Bunnings employs an older person with white hair and a short white beard who loves to dress up for the current occasion such as Santa at Xmas., and hand out items to the kids.

He is stationed at the main entrance to greet arriving customers and check receipts when customers depart.

Last September he was dressed as a priest and when I asked him what it was about, he replied “Fathers’ Day”.

On Friday he was in the standard Bunnings uniform and I asked him if he was stopping dressing up. He said that he had been told that he was not allowed to anymore after a customer complained.

Some woman had complained about him dying his beard in accordance whatever theme he was currently portraying as well as a younger employee who has her hair dyed pink and purple colours.

I said to him that it appears the Xmas Grinch has come early this year.

What a miserable customer.


Shows it pays to shop around