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Bringing Home The Bacon


I appreciate that it is the “silly season” but this one is in a league of its own.


Ah yes I have to admit to a “Oh for … sake” moment when I saw that on the news. If only we could just put it down to the Silly season.


This is to the point of being ridiculous and will be to the detriment of PETA if they decide to persue this further.

These sayings are cultural idioms and if they think someone may take them literally, they need to hop off their high horse and get real.

What next, requests to ban pork on your fork advertising or another shrimp on the BBQ?


Yes agree… Has gone beyond a joke. If PETA had their way we wouldn’t have pets and this nonsense makes you lose respect for any good they might do.


PETA are a terrorist organisation whose actions are to the detriment of animals and the environment. Their anti-science views have destroyed their reputation a long time ago. These days I’m hoping they are an agriculture-funded mock group designed to give vegans a bad name - I just hope people aren’t this crazy!

That being said, the new phrases are quite catchy.


When nobody can distinguish between your most earnest thoughts and a wicked parody of the same you do have an image problem.


Ah, but you do have an image. Which might be something more than you had before.

What am I to call our feral cats to suit Peta I wonder? I can’t call them “Threatened”. That’s too harsh a word. Anyway I’ve already given that name to one of the local wildlife the cats like to play with for supper.

No doubt the stunt will serve to attract new supporters that until now had not heard of them?

We had a pet rock once. Hope it feels ok about loosing it’s self esteem through no longer being of use for downing two birds.


Feral cats, rabbits, donkeys, horses, camels, buffalo, pigs … all of which smash the native flora, fauna and landscape more than most people even get close to realising.

Some would call that “a target rich environment” …


mark_m love it! You made me laugh out loud… good for a Friday afternoon.


Are you sure this wasn’t published on 1st April. No wonder there are so few vegetarians


… isn’t PETA the acronym for People Eating Tasty Animals ?



Snaughling… Really really loudly! :)))