Breaking Into Your Home By Breaking Into Your Vehicle First

This is very concerning and something I have never thought or heard of.

A person’s vehicle is broken into to steal the garage remote and to get the owner’s address from the vehicle’s service logbook.


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It’s also interesting that our home insurers made no special requirements for the security of the garage doors of our two previous all in one properties. However they gave discounts for security screens to AS and deadlocks and patio bolt locks on all external doors.

Did I miss something, as most newer homes with remotes rely solely on the security of the door opening mechanism? A device which also has a simple mechanical release, that once entry is forced by another means makes the next step so much easier.

We always turned our garage door opener off when away and physically padlocked the door panels, to deter use of that entry point.

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It can also occur in reverse.
Someone I work with recently moved into a new house they had built in a suburb of Logan City. Inside a window of ninety minutes, their front door was broken down and most contents were taken, including clothing and all spare keys for the three cars that were not there at the time. While the offenders were not given the chance to easily steal the cars with the keys, my colleague and family are out of pocket and racking up a large credit card debt. After three weeks,
the Police have barely acknowledged the incident, and the Insurance company have not forked out a cent.