BPay off-line and no-one told

Bpay is offline. My electricity company sent a bill to BPay 10 days ago and has not registered at my bank. My bank (whom you can at least talk to someone in Australia, thanks) advises that this is a known glitch affecting several institutions and BPay are working on it, fix date unknown.
The Bill is due in 7 days.
Thanks for advising everyone BPay, not. Tried to find a phone number to contact BPay- none on their website. Filled out the concern on their on-line form, clicked on submit and then it sent the form to my bank.


You can pay a bill by Bpay up to and including the ‘due by’ date as long as that day is a normal banking day in Australia and you pay before that days cut-off, usually EST/Sydney time 5PM - ie pay in the morning and you are ‘on time’.

7 days from today is a normal banking day … so long as they fix it in a week you’ll be fine.


…but that was not the point. Maybe they will fix it and maybe not, but there was no notification regarding a problem which was the point. Top service from another of our esteemed and totally reliable financial service institutions.

The cashless society continues to promise such a great experience :roll_eyes:



I no longer need money!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

It’s likely the biller will insist there are other ways to pay if BPay is not sorted. Payees risk, not the biller. I would be looking for another method unless the biller agrees to a delay?

Interestingly we use BPay routinely and have not seen any advice re issues or limitations?

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