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Bowel Cancer News

An article regarding a survivor of bowel cancer who wants to forewarn others.


I am surprised to read that the doctor did not carry out further investigation such as a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy, when the patient first presented with classic symptoms of possible bowel cancer.
Is is prudent for all people of both genders, aged between 50 and 74 to have an FOBT, or Faecal Occult Blood Test on an annual basis. The kit-sets for these tests are readily available online, or through the Australian Rotary Club, and some selected pharmacies, and are very easy to use. When the sample is sent away in the pre-paid mailer for testing for blood in the poos, an accompanying form is filled out by you, advising the lab of your doctor & other pertinent details. If a positive test is found, then your doctor will be notified, and you should be subject to further investigation with a gastroscopy, or a colonoscopy.
I have included a link below for the Vic Govt. Better Health Channel which is a great source of reliable and creditable health information, no matter where you live. The information is accredited (reviewed by medical peers)


Rotary no longer offer bowelscan kits. Federal government is providing them free to certain


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