Boost Mobile Community Bitcoin Scam?

I received the following email message today.

"Mon 22/02/2021 12:13 AM

Community Mailer

You have received a private message in the Boost Mobile Community!

Hello Fred123,

You have received a private message in the Boost Mobile Community community.

Subject: Best way to make your financially free! Get your chance to the world of Bitcoin opportunities! Join us!
From: Obi-wanz
Date: 22-02-2021 1:13 AM

To manage your private message options, click here.

Thanks for being a Boost Mobile Community member.

Your Boost Mobile Community Team

Boost Mobile Community sent this message to

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I have reported it to Boost Mobile.


I received the email below which definitely appears to be promoting a Bitcoin scam.

I assume that it has also been sent to other Boost Mobile users who need to be warned so they are not ripped off.

Also, how did this person get my alter ego of Fred123 which I am sure I have never used in connection with Boost Mobile?

I only use it with Choice Community, Product Review, Tripadvisor and other consumer protection sites.


I had never heard of the Boost Mobile Community previously, and “Obi-wanz” does not appear in a search of the site.

I assueme that there has been a hack.

These grubs just don’t give up.


I get the same thing through TPG. Once you sign up to their Community, you have an identity linked to your email address. I posted trying to get a solution to my email set-up.

The scammers may not know my actual address, but I have been getting “private” messages through the TPG Community directed to my inbox selling bitcoin, threatening to release my (non-existant) adult content, financial advice etc. TPG are no help. I know why they have a One Star rating.


Did you actually sign up?

Was the salutation in your email your Choice Community or other alter ego?

Was it sent by “Obi-wanz” or someone else?

Have any other Choice Community members received similar email?

Seems there has been a sell or leak from some site of that particular userid and associated email.
The question is which site could have been?

I’ll tell you this. If I get an email like yours directed to “gregr”, I will know instantly where the leak came from.

TPG’s Support directs you to the TPG Community where their customers try to help each other with problems, with occasional input from a “moderator”. If you want to post a question or solution you have to choose a “username” and provide your email. Same deal with Whirlpool etc.

There is a facility to send a “private message” to any user. TPG doesn’t do much moderation. So there are scammers who sign up simply to send “private” messages to other users. Different names, same dribble, bitcoin etc. Very easy to discern a scam, very unsophisticated. They use my TPG Community User name, not my Choice Community name. Replies to posts, private messages etc, are re-directed to my email - they don’t need to know it. I delete them.