Bond & arrears in rent & cleaning/repairs

I have a dispute with a bond refund. I’m in Brisbane and have a weeks arrears in rent. Is the agent obliged to recoup from the bond.? Also the agent states a repair that I’m responsible for wasn’t done correctly and also complained about the cleaning I had done. I was advised there’s legislation stating that costs incurred to correct any issue must be reasonable and not inflated also I read that cleaning is not a claimable expense from my bond… Is this correct

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Welcome to the community @Samba,

No one on the community is a legal or financial advisor but some of us are happy to provide personal opinions. A starting reference to answer your questions is

I hope the linked fact sheets are helpful. They are multipage multiaspect so be sure to keep reading to their ends. Members from Qld might add their experience.


The website that @PhilT has posted will be very relevant to your situation.

In relation to bonds, this website links the following document:

It also answered the questions you have raised in your post.

Tenants Queensland can also be contacted where a tenant has a specific question…their contact details are:


Hi Samba,

In addition to details provided in earlier replies, further information is available on the QLD RTA website.

The agent/owner is entitled to withhold amounts to recoup outstanding rent and/or if you left the residence in a worse condition than it was when you commenced living there.

Whilst you can challenge these amounts, you should have good grounds for doing so. Otherwise you are causing yourself additional grief and will get nothing in return.

Unless you have a good reason why the rent should not be paid it will be hard to argue that that amount shouldn’t be withheld. With the repairs and cleaning you might have to show that required procedures were not followed and/or provide evidence that the amounts were unnecessary or excessive.