Bona timber floor cleaner?

Has anyone used Bona products? I currently only use water but it doesent always get marks off. Any tips?


Add metho to the water.

When we have had our floors sanded and coated in the past, two different tradies said the same thing…don’t use commercial timber cleaners or polishes on coated timber floors. They leave residues in cracks between boards and also on the board surface. Over time they build up and if one needs to have their boards resanded and coated, it can affect the finish and bonding on coatings to the timber.

Both tradies recommended using water and metho only. The metho helps the water dry quicker, meaning streaks are less likely. Also try using deionised or rainwater as it will have less salts/dissolved solids which cause streak marks. They also said that if you have a oil film on the floorboards (e.g. in the kitchen), use a weak dish detergent solution on a damp cloth (damp so that it doesn’t leave water on the floor surface) to remove the oil film. Then finish with metho and water.


Thankyou but the water isn’t always lifting dirt or marks from floor. Does metho just help with drying rather than cleaning?


It does help a little, but depends on what the marks are. Maybe try the detergent treatment first if the marks are oil based.


As @phb indicted, using detergent and leaving it to dry as most people do just builds it up in crevices as well as on the surface.

Alternatively you could use a detergent and while still wet or slightly flooded after scrubbing, use a wet vac to get the detergent up and dry the floor.

We have irregular tiles with all sort of crevices and do that at least annually. It is impressive what it picks up that was ‘unseen’ through the year.


We have been using Bona for 9 years. Have occasionally tried other products over that time but always return to Bona. When Spotlight had a 40% of sale a while back, we purchased the Bona refillable mop (previously used a Sabco spray mop) This does a much better job as the pad is a lot wider and seems to have more contact with the floor. Have also worked out that it is better to not apply too much of the product.
We were told by an installer and the guy who applies the coating to not use metho.
We buy the 2 litre bottle.
I am assuming this is relating to Bona Timber floor cleaner? I do use Metho on tiles.

I too had great hopes as the varnish had worn off my parquetry floors and the boards were visibly dirty. Bona did nothing. I use metho too but haven’t found anything to move those pesky stains.


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Sounds like it might need a little more TLC.
Depending on the seal coating and timber/s.

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Bona make a product called Everclear. We supplied it to all of our customers when we had a floor sanding business. Cleans, polishes and protects wood floors. Be careful not to use excess water when cleaning a wooden floor.

I agree with Kathy2. We renovated and had solid black butt floors put in, and got the tip to use Bona, and that was 5 years ago. It’s a very well tried European product and cleans excellently and easily, especially when you use the Bona applicator which has a swivel head. This sprays an economical amount of product on the floor and is very light to use. I can’t speak for those who advise other solutions, all I can say is that we have not noticed any bad effects only very good ones, and ease of use is terrific. I have no connection with Bona other than being a happy user. Perhaps you can try to get a sample from a friendly retailer .


We’re in our 3rd home with solid timber floors. They’ve included brush box, mixed species Aussie hardwoods, Australian cyprus, and 140 year old hoop pine. All have been sealed with modern water based products.

We have never needed to resort to special floor cleaning products. The modern finishes are exceptionally resilient. The large static charged dust broom has performed 98% of the duty. Spills can be readily wiped up as if they were on a bench top. The only thing to avoid is excess water and steam mops. Especially on older floors where there may be gaps along the edges of the boards. Even on a tight floor the edges tend to move over time creating an entry point for moisture.

Is it that all products or methods recommended for wooden floors work equally well? When a product or method is found to meet needs is it also the most suitable and best.

SDS for Bona liquid wood floor cleaner, pH 7.0

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