Bluetooth Speaker review

Our wireless Bluetooth speaker review (member content) looks at over 30 speakers priced from $78 to $899. We test sound quality, ease of use and wireless range.

We also have a wireless speaker buying guide for those looking to find out more about this type of entertainment equipment.

If you use wireless speakers, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Here’s an update to our Bluetooth speaker review (member content) :headphones:


Good review guys.

Just wondering if in the future it is worth also testing bluetooth audio adapters for an existing sound/hifi system. These are the adapters which allow one to stream audio from a smart device to an existing system which does not have bluetooth. Such would modernise an older system, especially if one likes better souhd than a bluetooth speaker.


Will pass on your request :wink:


Our 2019 portable Bluetooth speaker review is here:


There’s something missing! I scrolled through the filter options, and could find nothing to filter on speakers that are waterproof. Drilling into individual speakers, there is a field for “Dust/water resistant”, but all of the (admittedly few) speakers I looked at had “No” against this.

I tend to listen to podcasts while showering, and while my current waterproof speaker is fully operational I did knock it off its perch onto the tiles a while ago so I expect its waterproofedness to be compromised. I would like to buy something that is ready to take its place when it eventually dies, but cannot easily select from the reviewed items without drilling into each of the 53 reviewed models.

That said, it appears that I can get a well-reviewed IPX5 (splash-proof) model shipped from the US (Amazon) for a total of around $49 including GST - less than I paid for the current one.

Wait - there is a review model that’s IPX7 certified - the JBL Charge 3 - if I’m prepared to splash out $199 and want to go swimming with my speaker ($157.91 shipped from Amazon).


I too would appreciate a device with this capacity. I will be sure to pass on your request to view the speakers though this lens.