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BlueKeep Malware Warning


An article warning about a Microsoft vulnerability named BlueKeep which is similar to WannaCry and which can allow cyber crimminals to remotely access computers running Windows versions earlier that Windows 8.


To be vulnerable, your computer must be running the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which allows for you to log onto the machine remotely. RDP is disabled by default.

Windows versions 7 and up have been automatically patched (unless you are crazy enough to turn off automatic updates). Microsoft took the extraordinary step of also patching XP, but it no longer automatically downloads patches unless you have patched the patching functionality (yes, it’s weird). So if you are still running Windows XP, check your system and panic if RDP is enabled - then disable it and patch!


and that RDP must be accessible from the internet, I suppose (at least for the initial infection via BlueKeep).

If you are not certain that you are patched and if you are a home user then step 1 might be to ensure that RDP is not port forwarding and/or block RDP inbound (port 3389) in your router/firewall appliance.

(Someone is having fun with the name, BlueKeep. The real name of WannaCry was EternalBlue - thank you to the US National Security Agency for developing that exploit. Not. Where are we going next? ForeverBlue? APatchOfBlue? BeyondBlue?)


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