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We review blower-vacs and blower-only models (member content), including the features, weight and ease of use. We also show you what to look for in our blower buying guide.

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Which model comes with noise-cancelling headphones for the neighbours?


I use a Trade Tools brand one and it has been totally reliable. Cost about $180 and is a 4 stroke the same as my mower and line trimmer so no need to mix 2 stroke fuel. A lot heaver than a 2 stroke but I only use it for about 5 min to clean up after each time I mow the yard. Also quieter than 2 stroke.

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I have the AEG 18V - surprised at how well it blows! It is a turbine style fan rather than a rotary style, and yes @karen_seager it whines a bit, but I like that it doesn’t choof lots of 2-stroke exhaust and the associated motor sound. I do try to be efficient and pick times when neighbours aren’t asleep :slight_smile: I’ve also found that the noise of the neighbours complaining can be overcome by turning the stereo system up ( :slight_smile: ) The other thing I like is that it is effectively solar powered - the timer switch on my battery chargers switches on during sunlight hours only to keep them topped up. A bonus that the batteries also power my hammer drill, driver, angle grinder and impact wrench …

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