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Bissett Magazine Services have ceased trading. Subscribers left in the dark


Be nice if Eaglemoss sorted themselves out a bit better. Still no deliveries after paying for the things weeks ago. :confused:


That’s another strange thing about the DeAgostini shipment I received. The enclosed invoice is dated 16 October, and states it has been paid in full, with nothing due. I can’t find any record of a transaction in my online banking for this amount having occurred…


I just received marvel movie figurine collection issue 48, 49 and issue 3 of the premium iron man armours. I hope this means eaglemoss are now on track… also they arrived in a box… always hated bissett stuffing them in bags… the books always arrived in less than ideal condition…


Woke up this morning to find out they charged me $92.66 including a $2.69 foreign fee… thought it was going to come out in Australian dollars plus that’s more than 2 months worth in 1 hit…


That is strange that you’re getting charged foreign fees. I don’t know if all the individual publishers are doing it differently but I received four issues from Hachette around 24th October, was then charged 3 weeks later on the 15th November via my credit card, as is on their accounts, for exactly 35.96. Which is the amount I paid before for four issues. All in AU dollars and no conversion fees. Waiting to see what happens in the coming days and if another package arrives.


I managed to get a summary of what eaglemoss are charging for things for the marvel movie figurines. Just so people like my self know what they have to save for

Issues: $28.99 + $1 handling per issue (I believe this is the premium price)
Plinths: $29.99 (I’ve been sent one… I’m looking forward to how I return them :frowning:)
Binders: $14.99

Unsure how much specials cost as she didn’t say but I’m assuming about $60

I now know that the $92.66 I got charged was for issue 50,51 and a plinth… I’m also up to date with payments according to them so I got the Monday delivery of 48,49 for free.


Yes, my son got his Marvel Movie Collection today. Issues 48, 49 and issue 3 of the premium armours as well. No idea how the payments are working though. The last delivery he had was for 1 issue and a special, but the payments they’ve taken were for 3 issues last month and 3 issues plus a binder earlier this month. Nothing’s actually matching what we’re being sent. Still waiting to hear back from them. I think they check their emails once a month. Everything in AUD though, so no International Transaction Fees.


Eaglemoss charged my credit card twice in identical amounts at the same time about a month ago. When I asked them what they were for they couldn’t tell me for sure. So I contacted my bank and challenged the charges. After more contact with Eaglemoss I demanded they give me a clear definitive answer or issue a full refund. I got the full refund.
I have had regular frustrating contact with Eaglemoss by phone (emails take a week to be answered it seems).
I subscribe to 4 items (DC Graphic Novels, Game Of Thrones, Marvel Movie Collection & Legend Of Batman graphic novels). I have had around 9 credit card charges for 2 deliveries since September (totalling over $350). Last Monday I rang them and went through every charge to determine where the items are.
Legend Of Batman has been the most problematic. I’ve received 1 delivery (#2 & 3), but nothing else since September, charged 3 more times for no result. Apparently there’s been delays but issues #4-9 are on their way. Allowing 21 days the delivery deadline is due 7/12/18. Coghlans can’t be contacted directly as no one answers the phone number listed nor does anyone ever call back.
As an aside I subscribed on line with Panini’s Marvel Classic Figurines. After confirming my subscription over 2 months ago, I have not heard a word from them. No charges mind you. But no emails either.


Somehow it appears my deliveries are ‘going missing’ despite going to a PO Box. I have had replacements arranged together for Marvel Movie Collection (16, 47, 48, 49, a binder & Iron Man Armour special #3). Apparently these wont ship until 30/11. I was also due to receive #50 & 51 by today but not arrived.


I’ve probably mentioned this in an earlier post, and probably recently, but the main problem with Eaglemoss seems to be that they’re now looking after the accounts themselves but outsourcing the postal logistics to a 3rd party, namely Coghlan, and the two parties don’t seem to be conversing with one another at a level that ensures a smooth operation between them both.

Eaglemoss UK are happily taking money on schedule from us for everything, but Coghlan is failing to send us everything that Eaglemoss has charged us for, either through neglect, lack of stock, or a distinct lack of communication with each other. Eaglemoss seems to have no idea of whether Coghlan has actually sent us anything or not and they don’t seem to care so long as they keep getting their money from us every 4 weeks.

Trying to contact anyone about any of this is ridiculously difficult to do when you consider that Eaglemoss appear to be going out of their way to ignore emails; we only have a few hours in the evening in which we can try and get through on the phone lines and hope that someone in the UK answers; and Coghlan just isn’t answering their phones. Even if we did get through to Coghlan they’d most likely say that they’re just the people who put things in the post once Eaglemoss gives them the thumbs up and palm us back off to Eaglemoss to get it sorted out ourselves.

At least Hachette and DeAgostini seem to have their respective chosen local distributors in charge of the accounts as well as the postal logistics, which leaves less room for communication errors and therefore less chance of packages not being dispatched on time.


DeAgostini are also handling the accounts in the U.K. Further to my last post re no transactions appearing in my online banking, I played email roulette with them to confirm whether they had my credit card details or not. After almost a week I finally received a response stating they did not, and that I would need to supply them as they required payment. So, last night I called them and duly handed over my cc details only to be told the card was invalid. This is the same card that worked perfectly well in Woolworths about an hour earlier. The same card that has subscriptions from all over the world deducted from it. However, DeAgostini are unable to process it? After protesting the fact my card is fine they placed me on hold again (clearly the 30 minutes I had already been on hold was not enough!). When they returned they stated there was a system error and I would need to call back next week… Oh, and the best part, this is now delaying my subscription again :frowning:


People are reporting on one of the Build the DeLorean Facebook groups that they are now being charged an International Transaction fee by their banks every time Eaglemoss UK takes a payment, even though they’re charging in Australian dollars, while other’s aren’t being charged any fees at all. We’ve just figured out that anyone who’s using a credit card is being slugged with the fee, while those of us who use a debit card don’t. So that’s an added expense for some.


Well, this got messy. I finally managed to get Eaglemoss to give me a detailed run down of everything I’ve paid for and what I should now have, via a private message on their Facebook page. So this is how everything stands at the moment.

Charged $74.97 for issues 48, 49 and a binder of the Marvel Movie Collection.

Charged $119.94 for issues 58, 59, 60, 61, 62 and 63 of the DeLorean build.

Charged $89.97 for issues 50, 51 and a plinth for the Marvel Movie collection.

Coghlan posts issues 58 and 59 only of the DeLorean build, 9 days after I’ve paid for them. Apparently they were supposed to send issues 60, 61, 62 and 63 in a separate package due to the larger size of the parts in those particular issues but I have yet to receive the second package and it’s now 29/11/2018. Eaglemoss has informed me that they will re-order the missing issues as I should have received them by now.

Coghlan finally decides to post issues 48 and 49 of the Marvel Movie Collection with the third of the premium subscription bonus issues, which I don’t get charged any extra for as a premium subscriber when they’re due out. They did however fail to put the binder in that I’ve paid for. It took Coghlan 27 days to put these in the post after I’d paid for them. In fact, I’d actually already paid for the next batch of issues by the time these ones finally got sent.

So, for my first payment, the issues weren’t sent until a month later and a binder was missing. For my second payment, only 2 out of 6 issues actually got sent, and for my 3rd payment, I haven’t received anything a month after paying for the things.

Me thinks Coghlan has bitten off far more than they could handle when they took on the contract as Australian distributor, because they simply aren’t doing the job they’re being paid to do, which is to send packages out to people as they’re told to by Eaglemoss, on time and not a month later, and certainly not with half or more of the contents missing.


I have just received my visa card statement.
An amount was taken out by Hachette Partworks.
After reading this forum I rang them to be told that they have no details about me,don’t know what I have ordered,but they still managed to take money from me without my authorisation.
They said that if I wanted my money back I would have to prove to them in the form of my bank statement that they had taken my money.
If they managed to rip my credit card off,they must have more of my details but they won’t tell me what.
I had no subscriptions with bissett


It sounds more like someone has purchased something using your visa card details. I’d be letting my bank know so they can cancel the transaction and issue a new card with new numbers for you.


Well looks like eaglemoss just charged me for another 2 issues of the marvel movie collection bringing the total to 5 figures a binder and plinth they owe me.

This is just sigh


I’m anticipating a new charge for the Marvel Movie Collection AND the DeLorean build sometime within the next few days. Leaving funds in the bank to make sure.

I asked Eaglemoss if they could get the tracking numbers for all these parcels that have not been delivered and they’re telling me that the parcels don’t have tracking numbers… So I’ve shown them a photo of my last package complete with a tracking number on the thing, which still works if you type it into the Australia Post tracking section of their website. Haven’t had a response to that one yet.

The lack of communication between Eaglemoss and Coghlan is absolutely pathetic.


Yeah the communication between the two seems non-existent. Bear in mind that it seems that this UK ‘Eaglemoss’ phone number belongs to a 3rd party call centre as I have been told this by the CS staff. Now they give the impression of being helpful or at least try to be. I almost feel sorry for them. But it is frustrating that items are not arriving when they are supposed to and the most information they have is actually ‘surmising’ that the packages have actually been sent. It’s very hit and miss. They can’t say if something has actually been sent, only that it should have. They allow 21 days then organise replacement issues…A never ending cycle. Notwithstanding that my CC keeps getting charged regardless.


The only thing I know about the number is it’s supposed to be a Sydney based number that patches you through to the UK for the price of a call to Sydney, and you have to call between the hours of 5pm and 11pm, although that’s probably out of kilt now too thanks to some Australian states now being in Daylight Savings mode and the UK now not being in Daylight Savings mode.


So I have had another CC charge of $59.98 which is for 2 more issues of Marvel Movie Collection apparently. I’ve had deliveries due on 23/11 for MMC #50 & 51 & 30/11 for Game Of Thrones #54 & 55. Neither delivery has arrived to date and now they have arranged replacements for these. They still cannot confirm if the deliveries actually went out, only that they were due out. From what I can gather from others on here, some of you are getting deliveries. But it seems quite random. I wish there was another more local point of contact. Clearly the Eaglemoss agent and Coghlans are not communicating.