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Bissett Magazine Services have ceased trading. Subscribers left in the dark


Just a follow up, I did give them a call yesterday and she looked up information on my particular subscription and said unfortunately they haven’t received account information for that publication yet. She said that Hachette have only got account info so far for a sewing or quilting series. I didn’t quite catch the full name but they have info for one and still waiting on the others. She did say that they “should” be receiving that information by the end of the week. So the wait continues.


Hmm, well at least you have received some info. If it all falls apart, there will be steps you can take but hopefully it’s just a matter of time and everyone will start receiving their subscriptions. Thanks for the update, please keep in touch


I may be a little late to the party but for those still in the dark, I actually recently received a few orders from Hatchette Patchworks which is where I first learnt that something had gone wrong.
I was used to waiting longer than the expected times between orders, didn’t care just as long as I got them, you know.

But long story short, I’m getting mine again so hopefully you all will too.


Thanks @ThatBoyMeek, that’s promising news.