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Bissett Magazine Services have ceased trading. Subscribers left in the dark


Just a follow up, I did give them a call yesterday and she looked up information on my particular subscription and said unfortunately they haven’t received account information for that publication yet. She said that Hachette have only got account info so far for a sewing or quilting series. I didn’t quite catch the full name but they have info for one and still waiting on the others. She did say that they “should” be receiving that information by the end of the week. So the wait continues.


Hmm, well at least you have received some info. If it all falls apart, there will be steps you can take but hopefully it’s just a matter of time and everyone will start receiving their subscriptions. Thanks for the update, please keep in touch


I may be a little late to the party but for those still in the dark, I actually recently received a few orders from Hatchette Patchworks which is where I first learnt that something had gone wrong.
I was used to waiting longer than the expected times between orders, didn’t care just as long as I got them, you know.

But long story short, I’m getting mine again so hopefully you all will too.


Thanks @ThatBoyMeek, that’s promising news.


My step-son got a delivery from Hachette today for his Transformers books collection with a note to say they are now back on track and deliveries will now be back to normal. Nothing about a catch up plan though. He’s a long way behind the newsagents. They aren’t using the same distributor that Eaglemoss are using either, as there’s a completely different distribution company on the return address label. Still no sign of any further deliveries from Eaglemoss. They’re being very slow about it all, even though they sent an email a while back saying everything was now sorted out.


I haven’t heard anything from anyone about my marvel movie figurine collection at all … in fact if it wasn’t for checking this thread often I wouldn’t know anything.

I did receive the re stickered delivery from Coghlan that just contained 1 figure a special and binder… but nothing since

Emails from eaglemoss just come back saying they are adding people to their database but they’ve been doing that since I started emailing back in August.

The delay from eaglemoss might be because of unfortunate timing since when this started they we’re in the process of moving warehouses

Communication is extremely poor


You’re not alone with not knowing what is going on. Mine is with Hachette. I haven’t received anything either, not an email, not a letter, just a cut and paste reply to a facebook message I contacted them on at the beginning of all this. I’ve received no packages and whenever I call them I get conflicting messages. The people manning the phones don’t seem to know what’s going on, yet it’s a number specifically for Australian customers. Some say the packages are being delivered, some say they haven’t even received account information yet. Getting tired of it. I don’t know why it’s so hard to get some professional communication on the issue.


So getting back to an earlier sub topic, when we were discussing if Eaglemoss, Hachette, DeAgostini etc could actually just start charging us via direct debits without obtaining our permission, because the previous agreements were made between us and Bissett, and not actually with any other company, the Mrs has received an email from Hachette, who say they’re having trouble accessing her bank account to pay for the delivery they sent us 2 weeks ago. They need her to contact them to sort it out. So it’s quite possible the banks won’t let them dip in to our savings accounts simply because they haven’t got anything from us to say that we give them permission to dip in to our savings accounts. These UK publishing houses don’t seem to be very good at it.


Well, it seems that the banks aren’t preventing things from being processed at all. The Eaglemoss crochet/knitting partworks that the wife got a couple of weeks ago has been successfully debited from her bank. It turns out that the reason Hachette’s not able to process any payments is because their database hasn’t been adjusted to allow for non UK postcodes in the billing address section, which we discovered when we tried to fix the error ourselves after logging into the account online. Looks like we’ll have to give them a call on Monday night thanks to them using a Sydney based phone number to patch us through to their customer service people in the UK and their phone lines not being manned until after 5pm and before 11pm our time… probably slightly out from that now that Daylight Savings is about to begin for some states here in Australia.


i am so lost right now i have tried to contact eaglemoss via email and ph and no response. i get put on hold for 30min they are taking money from my account and charged me double and i have no idea how to cancel my subscription…i ordered from bisset mags not eagelmoss how are they allowed to direct debit my account when i didnt get any info about this. what can i do? i have not received the subscription.


Hi @sharma.sahara, you are not alone based on their Facebook page. However, it seems they are still active on social media at least. You could try posting publically to one of their channels if you haven’t already. I realise that many people are halfway through a collection, but it may be worthwhile at a certain point to contact your bank and pause the direct debits (at least until you can contact the company, or you start receiving subscriptions).

The Degnostini situation is also bit of a concern - no social activity on the main Facebook page in the past few months, and we’ve received several reports that neither the UK or Australia are responding to any form of contact. Again, it’s worthwhile considering your interests and if you are not receiving a product and you can’t contact the company it might be time to contact your bank.

We also encourage others to keep sharing their experience here.


So, an update on Hachette and surprisingly DeAgostini. I sent Hachette a message via their contact page regarding their website not accepting Australian Postcodes for billing addresses after they sent the Mrs an email to say that they couldn’t get a payment from her bank and that we’d need to update her details online. This sent the message through to and today I received a reply from Noli of Customer Care via who completely failed to address anything I’d mentioned and proceeded to tell me that DeAgostini have now got a new partner and that we shouldn’t make any payments until we’ve been contacted by them. So it seems that DeAgostini and Hachette are now using the same company to look after customer service and their customer service people have not a clue as to what they are doing, what they are saying or what they are reading. They can’t even figure out which UK publisher they’re supposed to be representing for each individual email they get from us. It’s all getting a bit much now. They’ve had ample time to sort out everyone’s subscriptions by now, surely :confused:


Yep, it is getting a bit much now. I have sent my contact details and full subscription information as requested about four times via direct message and email. I just posted publicly on Hachette’s page and what do I get as a reply? Hi, please forward your details to our email address.


Some Eaglemoss DeLorean builders in Australia are now reporting that they received 2 new issues of the thing last week via Coghlan in Victoria, so hopefully I’ll get mine next week. No letters or emails to explain what’s happening, just 2 issues in the mail, which is odd considering we’re supposed to get 4 issues at a time. Maybe they’re testing the waters to see how many people contact them to say they don’t want them anymore after switching to the newsagent copies instead. They still haven’t collected any funds from me for the previous 5 issues they sent a while back. The ones that had the Bissett return address covered over with the new Coghlan return address. :confused:


I just spoke with Deagostini in the UK re an R2D2 subscription. They had all my details on their system (which I thought was promising), and claimed deliveries will be resuming soon. Here’s hoping that is correct!


Managed to get some more details from eaglemoss.

Thank you for your message.
I have located the account, your new subscriber code is; Xxxxxxxx.
It seems we have been unable to process the payment, which we need to do before we can release issues. We have been informed a lot of the details have been imported incorrectly, please call us on; 0283787930 Monday to Friday (5pm-11pm) and we will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards, Zoe.

So it seems I do have to pay for the final bissett/Coghlan delivery I got a few months ago


That’s strange because I got two new issues of the DeLorean build from Eaglemoss yesterday, and they still haven’t charged me for the 5 rogue Bissett issues they found and sent out a while back. No charges for the 2 new issues yet either.


Reports are now coming in that some Australian subscribers have now had between 5 and 6 weeks worth of issues taken from their bank accounts for the DeLorean build by Eaglemoss. Most of us owed them for 5 weeks worth of issues, plus the 2 new issues we got a week or so ago. We also may be getting six weeks worth of issues every six weeks now instead of four weeks worth every four weeks. I also owed them money for some Marvel Movie Collection issues that were sent out a couple of months ago. I had my first bank deduction from Eaglemoss UK, which adds up to be the equivalent of 3 issues of the Marvel Movie Collection, which means my son owes me some money seeing as he’s the one that’s collecting that particular partwork series, if that’s what the payment was for. I sent Eaglemoss an email last week to ask for a clarification on payments and what the previous payment covered, but so far have had no response. I owe them for 7 issues of the DeLorean build and have no idea when they’ll be taking payment for the next batch of issues nor how many issues I’ll be getting. No idea when the next payment for the Marvel collection will be taken out either and again, no idea how many issues they’ll be charging me for. This is getting very messy with the banking side of things. :confused:


Regarding the marvel movie collection was it actually 3 issues? Mine from months ago contained 1 issue a binder and a special… it should’ve been 2 issues instead 1 so I’m hoping I’m not up for a fight if they do charge me for all of it.

If I remember right it should about $100


Yikes, sounds like a real mess @NubglummerySnr. Thanks for the update.