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Bissett Magazine Services have ceased trading. Subscribers left in the dark


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Well this just gets better! Mystery parcel arrived today with 6 issues of the Delorian. No idea who it’s from or how to pay for it!


Your parcel should have had a return label on it that says it’s from Coghlans in Victoria. What’s happened is that someone has found the last batch of mail that Bissett had packaged and was ready to post out before the boss told everyone to go home and not come back. So Coghlans, who we are assuming at this stage has been given the contract to be the new Australian distributor as far as Australian subscriptions go, has put their own labels over the top of the Bissett labels and simply put the already packaged stuff into the mail.

Eaglemoss UK have stated that from now on they will be handling subscriptions themselves from their UK offices and they’ll only be letting the new fulfilment centre look after popping everything into the post for us, which again we are assuming is Coghlans at this stage. If you need to contact Eaglemoss for anything concerning your subscriptions then you have the choice of emailing them at or phoning them via their new Sydney based phone number at 02 8278 7930 which will actually patch you through to the UK office, which also means they’re only answering the phone between the hours of 5pm and 11pm AEST.

For now no one knows how they’re going to deal with direct debits or credit card payments as we all only gave Bissett permission to access our accounts. Eaglemoss has stated though that they’ve got all our details out of Bisett’s database and we shouldn’t have to worry about changing anything. It’s just going to take them a bit of time to get us all incorporated into their own computer systems. Until then, this latest delivery will be the last we get for a while until they’ve transferred all of the Australian subscribers into their own computers. Hopefully by the time that’s all done Coghlans will have their hands on the next batch of issues, ready to deliver via Australia post.

DeAgostini have stated that they too will be following the same model that Eaglemoss is going to be using. I don’t have much information about Hachette Partworks, and no information at all about any other UK Publishers that people were subscribed to via Bissett.


Yes you are correct, peeled back the label and lo and behold a Bissett label is underneath.


Cor, I actually found something official online about it all.



Hi everyone,

For those that were had subscriptions with Hatchette (through Bissett), Hatchette released this statement on their facebook page (Hachette Marvel Collections):

Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce that we now have new partners in place and that your deliveries will start to be despatched by the end of this week (w/c 20th August). Your payments will resume as normal 2 weeks after the initial dispatch. Thank you for your patience whilst we have been dealing with this issue.

Please note, the below email and phone number are still active for you to get in touch with our UK customer service team without calling an international number (lines open 16.00-23.00 AEST, Monday-Friday).

Tel: 283787931

Hopefully this helps.


That’s good news. Hachette were giving the least amount of information and now they’re the first to give a date for when things will be back on track. Hopefully Eaglemoss and DeAgostini will follow suit. Eaglemoss emailed me a couple of days ago to confirm that they will be handling subscriptions from their end now, but they still had no idea how long it would take to get everyone into their database and had no dates for when we could expect things to start happening for us again.


DeAgostini have now made an announcement via Facebook as well. They’ll be using a new subscription management company. Eaglemoss on the other hand have made it quite clear that they’ll be looking after subscriptions themselves from now on.

This is what DeAgostini had to say:

Dear all,
Thank you for your patience, and for all the positive messages you have sent our Admin team.

We are pleased to advise that we have now appointed a new subscription management company in light of the previous company handling our subscription business ceasing trading last month.

For those customers who have already contacted DeAgostini over the last few weeks regarding questions about your subscription, either by email, telephone or via this page - all your queries have been passed onto our new subscription management company and we will be replying to individual queries accordingly.

You can contact our customer service team as follows:

o TEL 0283787904

o Email:

Rest assured that your subscription is still live and ongoing, and although there may be some delays during this period of transition, we aim to get your copies out to you as soon as we can.

Kind Regards
DeAgostini Admin


Hachette Partworks have this morning issued the following statement, which is worded slighty incorrectly seeing as Bissett Magazine Services is not longer in business.

From 03/09/2018, Bissett Magazines are changing our payment processor for Direct Debit payments. Our new processor, GoCardless, will be taking over responsibility and power for all Direct Debit collections from this date and you will shortly be receiving an updated Service Agreement to confirm the change.

There’s no action required from you to continue paying by Direct Debit, and the change will not affect the service you receive in any way. The only change you will notice is that ‘CCAInternational’ will appear on your bank statement

GoCardless are taking over responsibility for future Direct Debit payments only, they will not be responsible for any chargebacks or refunds relating to previous payments between CCA International and yourself.

If you do not want your Direct Debit payments transferred over to GoCardless then you can cancel the service by contacting us on by contacting your bank or via your online banking.

If you have any questions, you can contact us on


DeAgostini have released an almost identical statement as the one from Hachette as shown in the above post. Meanwhile the Mrs received a package from Eaglemoss UK yesterday which wasn’t a relabelled leftover from Bissett’s mail room. So hopefully we’ll all be back on track this month and can get back on with things.


Hi Grahroll,

Are you talking about the Marvel Ultimate graphic novel collection?


Hi all,

I am one of those currently waiting for the rest of my Hachette subscription to be delivered. I too received the message that they had started sending them out again back at end of week commencing 20th August. I haven’t received any emails at all through this entire thing, only that message in a Facebook inbox. I sent them through an email to find out what’s happening as have heard nothing since and now the information seems to imply that they haven’t even received account information yet.

Thank you for you email.

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to assist with any queries. The accounts for the Australian customers are being transferred over to us. We have been advised this can take a few weeks at the most to complete this. All accounts are on hold until further notice, once we have an update for out customers we will notify you right away.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

If you require any further assistance, please let me know.​

Kind regards


Customer Experience Department
Data Base Factory - Unit 4 Pullman Business Park, Ringwood BH24 1HD

So are they can’t assist with any queries? They haven’t received account info yet? I thought they said they were good to go and were starting to dispatch. Confused.


Thanks for the update @Aleidayn. It might be worth trying to givethem a call on 02 4390 1300. We might also be able to assist if you get to a point where you want to chase a refund.

Please let us know how you go.


Does anyone know what issue the Marvel ultimate graphic novel collection was up to?


The original 2012 run of Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection is up to part 161 (vol. 125) with #162 coming out tomorrow.

Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes is at part 107 with #108 released tomorrow as well.


Yes that was one of the collections we had problems with. I have suspended my orders with my Newsagent until they can get a sure supply rather than the haphazard deliveries we had (this is no reflection on the newsagency as they try their hardest to get supplied and in order). I don’t like the supplier system/s we have had to date and hope the new systems from the UK and elsewhere work better.

I also see your post about where the collection is up to and my honest answer is I have no idea as the issues were all out of order. I can ask my newsagent to print a list of their receipted deliveries and I should be able to give you a better answer in a day or two, if that will help you.


Has anyone heard anything from eaglemoss as yet? I am collecting the Marvel movie figures and am getting frustrated. I have emailed and sent txt through messenger only to be ignored once they realised I was in Australia.
Is Hachette taking them over also?
Any information would be much appreciated :grinning:


Eaglemoss UK will be taking over all of the Australian subscriptions for their own publications. In the meantime they’ve recruited Coghlan in Victoria to handle the distribution side of things. So we’re all still waiting for our user data to be transferred into Eaglemoss UK’s own database so that they can finally start processing our orders and get Coghlan to mail it out to us.


Thank you very much!