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Biological Pest Control Saving Farmers Millions

An article regarding farmers saving millions of dollars through the use of biological pest control.

Yes it is wonderful. At least for the moment.

If only they were as dedicated to fixing two of the greatest FUs similar thinking has perpetrated on the nation.

Firstly the introduction of the South American Cane Toad to Queensland.

The second the introduction of sexually capable pine trees to plantations (Pinus radiata, Pinus elliottii sp, etc). All of which have escaped into surrounding agriculture and natural bushland.

Not the only biological mistakes of our recent history, but two we can’t squarely put back on old England’s desire to Anglicise our local environment and game hunting sports.

As well as the third and fourth huge mistakes Rabbits and cats which continue to cause huge decimation of native flora and fauna. Add goats, camels, horses, donkeys, pigs etcetc etc…when anything non native goes feral or gets out of control eg as it did with Prickly Pear, well the environment suffers badly here. Flow on effects are much more than monetary loss but that’s probably one of the easier ways to account for the damage. Then there is the terrible after effects of a previous policy “Terra Nullius” which saw the Traditional Land Caretakers and their effective controls removed, this damage continues and I don’t think there is much hope of turning the larger part of that damage around anymore.


A list of 12 feral species in Australia along with their staggreing numbers.

The list omits many others including deer, wild dogs, rats, mice, carp, Indian Mynah birds, sparrows, doves, European Starlings, Asian house geckos, European honey bees, European wasps, fleas and ants.

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