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Bing Lee ‘Free Delivery’ only applies

Bing Lee is advertising’Free Delivery’ but it only applies to a small selection of items, and over a certain value (I think $1700)

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The Bing Lee online landing page states “free delivery on selected laundry appliances” and it lasts till 31st July, after a minimum spend of $700.

It also directs you to the terms and conditions page for more information.

Did you want to buy one of the selected laundry item that they wouldn’t deliver for free? Or were you wanting to buy something different?


Hi. I drove into my local (Balgowlah) branch because there was a big sign outside saying ‘Free Delivery’. I entered the store and spent some time with a salesperson choosing a dryer. At the point of sale, some 20 minutes later, I was told that the ‘free delivery’ didn’t apply to me. Grrrrrr. Won’t use Bing Lee again.


Yes, that is annoying - particularly as there is no way for a customer to know in general what “selected” means.

I would have walked - if only to encourage the salesperson to throw in free delivery for a product that is not “selected”. :wink:


556km approx walk home to our place from the nearest store! Unlikely we’d go that far for a deal with free delivery.

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In fact the fine print says:

This offer is available in selected Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas only (for online purchases, qualifying areas will be confirmed at checkout) and limited areas within 40kms from Bing Lee Regional Store locations (both within NSW and Interstate).

So I suppose you are not eligible for “free delivery” regardless of whether the product is “selected”.

While I think most people would agree that excluding a 1000+ km round trip from “free delivery” is reasonable, it shows how seriously flawed it is to have:

a big sign outside saying ‘Free Delivery’

Thanks, Bingers. Not.

I would like to know whether there was an asterisk anywhere on that sign. @AnnieG

Yes, obviously my comment about abandoning the sale and walking out was in the context of someone who was in her local store in the Sydney metro area i.e. plenty of alternatives / easy to try again later.

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