Big W Online Order Problems

I have some issues with BigW online. My order is taken, credit card debited and then I get an email saying some items are not available. Credit card is refunded, 5 days later, which is annoying. What is also annoying is that I pay for delivery of items which are just add-ons to my primary order items, which are not available! I could buy the available add-ons at the supermarket, so end up paying for unnecessary delivery. Probably not illegal, probably just poor inventory control, but I’m not going to use BigW online again. I also couldn’t find a way to register a complaint with BigW.


Sounds annoying.
Perhaps there should be an option when ordering that indicates that unless all the items can be delivered, cancel the entire order.


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You might spend time on hold but ring 1300 244 999 and ask for complaints, a supervisor, or ask how to lodge a complaint. They might or might not be helpful but that would be my first ‘stop’.

As Big W is a Woolies company you might also start at their top?

A top suggestion!


A good suggestion, I suspect their stock control wouldn’t be up to it.

And I don’t I could be bothered spending time on hold, I’ll just not order online from BigW again.

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Hi Cat1 - one can only guess at the real issue here. I’ve had the same problem with Woolworths Supermarket. Is it a case of left and right hand not communicating? Don’t they care? Do they believe they are such a big fish in the sea they can ignore you and me? They certainly don’t exhibit any sign of putting their customer’s interest first. Periodically Woolworths send out a customer survey. We never see the results of these surveys. At some point I remark, “what’s the point of this survey when there is no evidence of any past surveys being recognised?” I’m sure I’m not the only one to make a response of this nature.

I said it before, to really complain takes a letter. It’s worth every cent. Woolworths (and countless others) rely on people not pushing to find a communication channel. A letter looks serious, demands a response, and ups the stakes of accountability (well, hopefully). And on the subject of communication, this topic has been raised on numerous fronts through CHOICE. I believe it’s worth being assessed with a score. It’s all very well rating products or services but if the company at the heart of the product or service does not communicate then the world should know about it. If awards are given for shonks, non-communication would also seem to be ‘up-there’.


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Big W has a contact section on it’s website:
Online Enquiry | BIG W

I’ve also communicated with them thru Facebook PM before:
BIG W | Facebook
“We’ll monitor our BIG W page from 9 am - 10 pm Monday through to Friday, 9 am - 5pm Saturday and 10am - 5pm Sunday, because we want to help you with all your queries. Though on the weekend, it may take us a bit longer to get back to you and resolve your issue but we’ll definitely be in touch. We strive to improve every day and provide you with a great customer experience.”

Also they can be contacted on 1300 244 999
Monday - Friday from 9am - 6pm AEST
Saturday - Sunday from 9am - 5pm AEST

You would think in this day and age of computer generated systems that items would not register in cart if no stock?

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Big W online orders rely on in store stock levels being accurately reported into their online shopping system. There have been reports in the community that many companies seems to have difficultly in accurately reporting stock inventory within their stores. This could be due to stock being misplaced on shelves, missing for some reason (such as being shoplifted or a product returned which can’t be resold but shown in inventory) etc.

It is hoped that if any retailer misreports in store or warehouse inventory, that reasonable measures are quickly taken to find a resolution for the customer. Whether this is a prompt refund, organising stock from other stores or putting priority for backorders of unstocked items.