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Bicycle Tyres


Why are Bicycle Tyres so expensive. A Tubeless bike tyre cost $100+, and lasts maybe a few 000s kms. An average Tubeless saloon car tyre lasts 50,000 and costs about the same.

Is this a rip off?


Yes they are way overpriced for what you get.
Aim to buy several tyres when on special to reduce the cost. Often good quality tyres can be found on clearance special at greatly reduced prices at the various online cycle stores. Local bike shops don’t generally have those sort of deals.

There are plenty of tubeless tyres available for under $100 even when not on special.

Tubeless tyres are lucky to last a few hundred km around here, the sharp shale the council uses in our road slices them (and our car tyres) up very quickly. I’ve given up trying to run tubeless after a few attempts - I spent vastly more time patching and pumping up tyres than when running tubed, which I have reverted to.