Beware Officeworks

I am buying a Google Chromecast, to stream from my WiFi to my TV. Officeworks offer it for $47, but then, after I went through much of the ordering stuff, they told me that delivery would be an extra $26. JB HiFi offer it for $59 + $5 delivery (which they stated up-front). The gadget would weigh about 100g.

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I was looking for an external DVD burner. Office Works sold one for $68. I thought that was a bit rich so I looked in Bing Lee. They had the same product for $49.

@daveclarkecb, if you are near an officeworks store, you can use their Click and Collect service which is free. You order online and can pick it up at a store you nominate/convenient to you. The nominated store does not necessarily have to have the stock instore on ordering which is good for those run out specials that officeworks has from time to time and not available everywhere.

I see that other stores like Big W also offer the same service to avoid postage costs.

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they probably use a courier. some online stores seem to have issues with AusPost (probably along the lines of posties leaving parcels unattended or not getting signatures even when they’re required) so use private couriers only

Australia Post gives you he option of having “to be signed for” parcels signed for or leaving without a signature. En quire at your local PO or online.

@johnn31 I think John that can only be done if the sender consents to it . Often the sender requires a signature .

That’s how my parcel deliveries are done [without my signature], except for registered or insured items.
I have not had to consult the sendrs; just AP.