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Beware of Doors Plus Fyshwick, Canberra



Thanks for the warning @Jenny1. If your sister needs any help with their consumer rights, please let me know.


Hello, thank you for your reply. Any information would be greatly appreciated. She has been told by doors plus she has got what she paid for.


Well, you can let her know that this isn’t the case under the law. The service delivered must of a reasonable quality, and judging by the photos that’s not the situation.

The first step in escalating the complaint is to get in touch with a manager at the Doors Plus you have been dealing with and put down the complaint in writing. Let them know that unless they are willing to rectify the issues, you’ll be raising a complaint with Fair Trading (or your state/territory equivalent). You’ll find some templates on our website that might be useful.

Once your sister has taken those steps, let me know and we can can advise further.


Wow, I’m having flashbacks. It sounds like they have a well-rehearsed routine for dealing with complaints. And it looks like George is using the same cheap composite timber for every job, though his work is getting even less skilled.