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Bestway pools

I have never had issue’s with returning stock to Kmart without a receipt but like you say could be with their Kmart branded gifts.

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Taking a look at the dot points for Proof of purchase;

  • a serial or production number linked with the purchase on the supplier’s or manufacturer’s database

I have provided them with a photo of the products serial number along with the box it came in. Do you think this would suffice as stated in the above point?

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This method of proof of purchase would only work if you had purchased it directly from Bestway Pools. They may know when that particular stock item was sold, if they use a serial number based inventory system. It is worth noting that many don’t have use stock number (e.g. barcode on the box) rather than serial number.

With dealing with a secondary retailer, the pool could have been sitting in Big W warehouse/store for many months or years prior to sale. Such Bestway Pools wouldn’t know if the product was purchased soon after or a long time after it left their control. It usually doesn’t work with retailers as they only use stock number/barcodes which aren’t unique to each and every particular item being sold.

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Ok, so I am out of options without the receipt. The letter templates all include a ‘receipt attached clause’. What are my options now should I just send a letter and remove the ‘receipt attached’ clause?

Replace ‘receipt attached’ with ‘proof of purchase’, be it a charge statement, Woolies Rewards record, or whatever you can find.

If you have nothing at all you can insert the gifting scenario that might not cause Big W to respond more favourably than they have, but as many consumers discover once an issue goes formal shops often respond more favourably. Up until a letter is ‘sent’ everything that has transpired is taken as ‘idle chit chat’ as I often call it - eg no legal relevance to the ACL unless they mislead the consumer regarding your rights,


Thanks all for your prompt and very friendly help


Just an update guys. I wrote the letter to Big W as you suggested, they lost the letter twice but finally received it and had their supplier call me and are now sending out a new filter. Thanks so much for the tip.


Thanks for ‘closing your case’. It is always good to hear about a good outcome.