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WARNING: Bought the Easy Set pool a few weeks ago. Turned filter on, made a few noises for a few seconds and hasn’t worked since. Have tried calling their Customer service many times and all I get is a recorded message with no return call. Also private messaged via Facebook and it took a week to get a response. Now they tell me unless I have the receipt you can’t help. Not even some troubleshooting tips. Do NOT buy a BESTWAY pool! Shonky! When you check Product Reviews they are all extremely bad some even going as far as saying they breach Australian Consumer laws.


Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your issues with the filter.

I would like to clarify; are you saying you don’t have a receipt?

Who did you buy it from? Have you gone back to the retailer as per the ACL (see Who to claim a remedy from)?

Have a read of the ACCC’s Repair, Replace, Refund to understand your Consumer Rights Guarantees.

You should deal with the retailer, and if they aren’t obliging, then write to the retailer setting out your claims in an objective fashion citing the ACL above. If you are unsure what to write, refer to Choice’s templates and phone scripts as a guide.


Did you purchase directly from Bestway Pools or someone else?

Under Australian Consumer Law it is the business who sold you the product who is responsible for warranty.

The product sounds as if it was faulty as delivered if it failed within a very short period of time on first use.

The filter for the pool is essential for safe use.
You may be entitled to a full replacement, or refund. It’s important to go to the seller if they are not Bestway Pools as the ACL provides for a lesser remedy if you bypass the seller.


I was given the pool as a gift for my children. I have tried writing many times and they either don’t reply or say they can’t assist unless I have the receipt.

The business is correct. The ACL only applies to gifts with proof of purchase. (See the section entitled Consumer guarantees on products and services also apply to:)

Can you get proof of purchase from the gift giver? A receipt, or a print out of the purchase from the bank on-line, or credit card statement?

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I know they bought it from Big W, I don’t they kept the receipt as they are elderly not that its a reason

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While the business may be within its rights, the business COULD HELP if it wanted to. It is a bad look to fob off an ‘owner’ as they appear to have done.

Big W is a Woolies company. You could check if Big W keep electronic receipts in the same manner as Woolworths groceries in the Everyday Rewards if they are members. Alternatively if that was the only purchase on a day, you could go to Big W with a copy of the statement showing the date product was purchased, and match the product to the price - hoping the price matches.

If one has the charge detail, if it was purchased with a card, Big W might be able to find/retrieve the charge if you know the date. Bunnings has done that months after purchase.

If you can show/link the purchase to Big W, Big W should respond to your product issue.


If you read the product reviews looks like they have a history of ‘fobbing’ people off when they have an issue.

Mine is the top review but the ones under are just as bad.

You certainly called that one correctly.

What a disgusting bunch of grubs.

Exactly, they need to be held accountable

If they used their credit or debit card, the purchase shown on the statement is enough evidence under the Australian Consumer Law.

Big W is usually good to deal with in relation to warranty claims. I would be discussing your problem with Big W before Bestway pools.

If the filter failed, it would be classed as a major fault under the Australian Consumer Law and the buyer has a right to a refund, replacement or repair…what ever the buyer choses. You may have to involve the elderly grandparents (?) to see if they can assist you in resolving.

Big W will accept a bank statement or other methods outlined in the ACL link above. They often also will accept return without receipt, but in such cases they may only provide a store credit or exchange rather than refund.


Thanks, I will see how I go first with Big W

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Where do I find the templates for the ‘demand’ letters?


Also if your family used a Woolworths Reward Card there will be a record of the purchase in the Reward system. Your family could also provide you with their Reward Card number to assist finding the purchase if they did use it even if they paid cash.


They no longer have the receipt and Big W wont even exchange without one:-(


If nothing else, you have at least warned others about the charlatans at Bestway as well as the usual sub-standard behaviour of Big W which I believe Woollies used as a role model for their long since failed disgusting Masters operation.

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Did you ask about the other proof of purchases as outline on the ACCC, as linked in an earlier post?


At least Kmart exchange without a receipt


With Kmart their policy is the same as Big W, where:

Returns, refunds, exchanges or repair requests must be accompanied by any one of the following proof of purchase documents:

  • The Kmart register receipt, however you may provide a clear photo of the full Kmart register receipt, which must include the barcode;
  • Online Tax Invoice;
  • Online proof of purchase can also include Zip, Aferpay, Paypal statements etc.;
  • Financial statement such as a credit card statement or a bank statement (however, when the proof of purchase does not clearly itemise the goods, more than one type of proof of purchase may be required).
  • Flybuys statement (source)

Kmart, like Big W staff use their discretion from time to time whether they are willing to exchange where there is no receipt. I have found that it is usually possible when returning their own store branded items as these could only be purchased from the store chain in question. They also know roughly when the product was in stock within the store as well.

Returning items which can be at multiple other outlets, both Kmart and Big W have asked for proof of purchase in the past with items (such as birthday and Christmas gifts) we have returned. Sometimes for low cost items such as a book, they have been happy to exchange for another title if the book is in new condition (possibly so that the returned one can be resold).